Yoga class at Mad About Dance (M.A.D)

I have been in love with the idea of being a yogi for the longest time. By that I don’t mean leaving the materialistic desires, I only mean I love the whole idea of yoga and being able to say that I practice yoga. It was a moment of great happiness when Sucheta  Chadha ( a kids and adults yoga teacher) invited me to join her for a class at the Mad About Dance (M.A.D) at Centrepoint Shopping Mall, M1 Floor, Next to Bur Juman. I was ecstatic as I have been putting off getting back into fitness for 9 months (my baby is 10 months now) and always have an excuse ready to not get back to taking care of my health and body!  Sucheta and I thought of an even better idea to call a group of 7-9 mums with their kids and do a session together! Sounds interesting? Read on to know what really happened!


Where: The yoga class was scheduled for 20th August at Mad About Dance (M.A.D) Centrepoint Shopping Mall, M1 Floor, Next to Bur Juman.

How I thought the class would be: So when you put 7-9 kids together under one roof, what exactly do you think will happen? Manic! Yes, exactly what I thought would be the scenario at the class, where kids will be running around the room, making noise like there is no tomorrow while Sucheta would try to teach the mothers some yoga poses. All this would be done under 10 minutes as the kids would be turning the classroom into a hurricane like disaster and we would call the event a wrap even before we started, an event that I had planned for with so much excitement and love!

And how the class turned out to be:  Completely the opposite of the above. Sucheta took charge of the class in the first 5 minutes and had all of our attention with her carefully chosen words which was interesting to the adults and the kids. Within the first 10 minutes the kids were laughing and curious to learn what Sucheta was trying to teach them. Moms were so relieved to see that the kids were in tune with Sucheta and thus they relaxed themselves and started to follow Sucheta’s instructions on how to start the different breathing techniques and poses of yoga specially for back aches, leg pains, wrong posture, something that ladies suffer with the most.

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Soon enough the entire class was in sync with Sucheta. She wonderfully took control of the kids in such a wonderful manner that they began to thoroughly enjoy what she was trying to teach them so much so that when it was time for the class to wrap up, the kids still wanted to give it a go. For me, it was one of the best bonding sessions I had with my little daughter (Little Z).  She was so thrilled that mommy and her could be in a class together (unlike in school). Even today if i tell her to show me some yoga moves, she proudly shows us what she learnt in this beautifully handled class by Sucheta. All due credit for her patience, excitement and the much needed yoga exercises she took us through.



Special thanks to Koita Food- who kindly agreed to supply the entire class with organic coconut water, chocolate milk and full cream milk. Koita is special as it is produced with no toxic pesticides, no artificial hormones and no antibiotic, it is healthy yet long-lasting, to prevent spoilage in hot environment, has undergone rigid certification/production regulations with fair treatment of cows, has a wide variety of products and sizes and has Eco-friendly packaging. If you haven’t checked out Koita Food yet, being a mother it sure is something you are missing out on!



My Take: I would urge all the parents to go and check out Mad About Dance (M.A.D) at Centrepoint Shopping Mall, M1 Floor, Next to Bur Juman . They have an array of classes with expert instructors ever ready to teach, help and support you and your kids and all this while making sure you are having a great time while at it. This studio is not about working out, or getting into a routine, this is more about getting crazy and mad about the art of dance and so much more!

Heartfelt thanks to Sucheta and Mahima for reaching out, working on all the details and making this mother -child yoga class such a fun time which I for sure will cherish for a long time!!


Let me know what you thought of this!

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