When was I ever so thin?


For the last 15 years of my life, there has never been a day where I have considered myself thin, and not fat …. Has this happened to you as well??? (Please say YES!!)

So going back 15 years, I weighed 47 kg/ 103 pounds ( Gosh I would give away anything except my babies and those yummy goodies I have in my treasure jar to get to that weight ) , but  I would always think that I am not as thin yet, as I would like to be .. I avoided carbs, didn’t get my hands anywhere close to desserts, tried to go to the gym thrice a week.. Talk about it and I did it all… to become thinner…. Who in this world wants to be thinner than 47 kg??

Yes that was me!!

The weight grew from 49 kg to 54 kg in a few years, and one evening as I was going through some old albums, while munching on crisps and sipping away some soda, something caught my eye..           It was a picture of that 47 kg weighing girl and I was shocked as though the picture I was holding wasn’t mine… and thinking ‘when was I ever so thin?’ I wish I could go back to being that way…

The saga continued, one day I spotted a picture of the 54 kg girl my friends album on Facebook and the drama began once again in my head.. ‘When was I ever so thin?’  . I began to wonder  if ever there would be a time when I  would tell myself that I am super thin and I don’t need to worry about eating that piece of cake I have been eyeing in that bakery for the last 20 days….

Do you ever feel like this??? … Or am I the only one who has never got that satisfaction of knowing that 47 kgs is thin you crazy girl.. You go eat what you want when you are that weight…!!

The Irony….

I am 69 kg now (it’s not only the food I promise you that) after two gorgeous little angels and yes I am fat as hell , clothes don’t fit as they did 5 years ago , the metabolic rate has slowed down worse than that damn turtle – hare story we read about as kids, the sweet tooth has appeared out of nowhere controlling my mind as I finish my lunch and dinner but I know for sure that few years down the line I will look at my picture of today and a brain freeze will occur- ‘when was I ever so thin?

P.S- This is my first blog, would love to know what you think of it:) Leave a comment below!


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