When I blog………….

 Top points on what I feel is important when I blog
  • Content  : This is the key! Luckily , I am an free flowing writer, and can pen down my thoughts very easily and quickly, but I make sure what I write is something valuable , interesting and helpful at the same time. Keeping the reader’s point of view is the most important factor , but having said that I always write just what I feel, about a place , product or my day. The best compliment I have received from many of you is ‘ Shagun, you write and talk with all honestly’. This makes me very happy!!
  • Pictures– They speak a 1000 words at one time. To have a nice, pleasing , interesting and a creative picture is a must at attract the initial attention. We all know its a tough world out there with so many choices, so to gain that attention which lasts for 2 seconds, I make a lot of effort to make sure my pictures speak volume about my content. It is a gateway to the post and highly important.
  • Honesty: This is the the most important part. I am always vocal about what I like and what I dislike . In many ways this might offend a client or a pr agency, but hey I am not here to please anyone. Blogging is all about writing exactly what you feel, isn’t it?
  • Be yourself: I dont know how many posts I have written on my Instagram about this. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Get inspired but dont ape. Create your own style of taking pictures, or writing a caption . There are some wonderful bloggers out there who are known for their individual style and I hope to attain this soon.
  • Create you Niche! ?? – This is a very debatable topic for me. I created my blog, to write about everything I love and want to share it with the people around me. I like clothes, food, movies, makeup, skin care, travel, holidays, reading and the list is endless. I dont want to write about just ‘a’ thing, to get more collaborations. There is no freedom of speech if I try to create my niche and stick to just that one line!! I could be wrong here but for now , I write about anything that makes me happy! It could be writing about a high end brand of skin care one day and just lazing on my bed reading a book and sipping on some coffee the other! At the same time , I totally respect bloggers who have found their niche and are doing so well. I guess, until I find my niche , I will continue writing about a book one day and my shoes the other 🙂


 What are your top points? Would love to hear them and probably take them and make them my own:)


  • one thing I personally love about your writing is, you write in a way that you are talking to a close friend, so the reader won’t get bored of reading your story.
    As usual this post is an awesome post, motivational too for budding bloggers like me.
    Wishing you all success sweetie.

  • Wow loved it. Yes honesty is the top point for me. And something that really irks me is a lot of bloggers just raving about a product or a brand without even trying it out completely – so honesty is definitely needed.

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