When I blog………….

  opciones binarias cuanto se gana Top points on what I feel is important when I blog
  • opcje binarne demo forum Content  : This is the key! Luckily , I am an free flowing writer, and can pen down my thoughts very easily and quickly, but I make sure what I write is something valuable , interesting and helpful at the same time. Keeping the reader’s point of view is the most important factor , but having said that I always write just what I feel, about a place , product or my day. The best compliment I have received from many of you is ‘ Shagun, you write and talk with all honestly’. This makes me very happy!!
  • http://salpasafarit.fi/?kalimo=forex-sinyalleri-program%C4%B1&6b0=53 Pictures– They speak a 1000 words at one time. To have a nice, pleasing , interesting and a creative picture is a must at attract the initial attention. We all know its a tough world out there with so many choices, so to gain that attention which lasts for 2 seconds, I make a lot of effort to make sure my pictures speak volume about my content. It is a gateway to the post and highly important.
  • http://vitm.com/bYEgEw-5l6b0Wi8f7D6j6_5M1L5v3895/ Honesty: This is the the most important part. I am always vocal about what I like and what I dislike . In many ways this might offend a client or a pr agency, but hey I am not here to please anyone. Blogging is all about writing exactly what you feel, isn’t it?
  • Be yourself: I dont know how many posts I have written on my Instagram about this. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Get inspired but dont ape. Create your own style of taking pictures, or writing a caption . There are some wonderful bloggers out there who are known for their individual style and I hope to attain this soon.
  • http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/2996 Create you Niche! ?? – This is a very debatable topic for me. I created my blog, to write about everything I love and want to share it with the people around me. I like clothes, food, movies, makeup, skin care, travel, holidays, reading and the list is endless. I dont want to write about just ‘a’ thing, to get more collaborations. There is no freedom of speech if I try to create my niche and stick to just that one line!! I could be wrong here but for now , I write about anything that makes me happy! It could be writing about a high end brand of skin care one day and just lazing on my bed reading a book and sipping on some coffee the other! At the same time , I totally respect bloggers who have found their niche and are doing so well. I guess, until I find my niche , I will continue writing about a book one day and my shoes the other 🙂

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 What are your top points? Would love to hear them and probably take them and make them my own:)


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