Review of Soul Senses Spa

My review of Soul Senses Spa located in Al Barsha, Dubai

Its all about finding the calm in the chaos! I had the opportunity to review the newly opened Soul Senses Spa located in Grandeur Hotel , Al Barsha ( behind Mall of Emirates)

The first thing which made me very happy is that the hotel provides valet parking , which meant i didn’t have to waste too much time driving around looking for parking.

I walked into the spa and in a second fell in love with the ambiance , so calm and tranquil, the lighting is subdued and the music pleasantly tinkles and you can smell the wonderful aroma of candles. It almost made me forget that I was in the middle of Al Barsha

The spa has a very cozy yet classy feel to it and it doesn’t feel like you are in a hotel but in an outdoor spa located in Bali. All the more as I found out my masseuse hailed from Bali

Pre Massage :

I was greeted by a very friendly lady at the reception who offered me some nice ginger tea , which calmed me down and prepared me for my journey to heaven for the next 60 minutes. I was asked if there was any pain , or tiredness in my body or at a certain part which I wanted more focus on. Once i told them about my back pain and over all tire body I was advised to take the Indian Ayurveda Massage ( priced at AED 250 for 60 minutes/ AED 325 for 90 minutes) . This is a hot oil treatment good for removing muscular stress, tensions and improve blood circulation). I was impressed right there with the staff focusing on my need. It was really nice to spend time talking about my body and knowing that the person understood my needs.

Massage Therapy Rooms:

My favorite room

7I took the liberty to peek into all the massage rooms ( total of 7) and fell in love instantly with the choice of lighting,furniture,pictures,paintings on the wall, tiny decorative items kept neatly and perfectly in each room making it look and feel divine. Did I mention that they have a room for couples massage as well, I am sure to try this one next.

Isn't this adorable?
Isn’t this adorable?

We chose a room which had a massage bed with a face hole as recommended by my assigned masseuse so it would give her more room to move around the table easily.

Massage Session:

I was provided with a new / clean underpants to wear and asked to lie down and relax. I led face down on the massage table while waiting anxiously to drift into the world of quiet and peace while someone is working on getting rid of the ache and pains. She started the massage therapy and I am not lying , my bones have never made the crackling sound it did that day as i felt my muscles relax getting rid of the tensions accumulated in the last few months. Add the soothing music on the background, the skills of my masseuse with the combination of massage techniques like kneading and rubbing.

She moved from one part to another and focused on my lower back pain as promised and for those 60 minutes I fell in a half-slumber. I was very sad to hear the bell ring which meant by 60 minutes were over and I had to pull myself out of this dreamy world. It was heavenly.

The magic woman
The magic woman

Recommend: I would highly recommend this spa to all of you for simple reasons as :

  1. The staff is friendly and well trained and knows exactly what to do once you have explained them your body /pains/aches etc
  2. The ambiance of the spa is sure to take you away for those 60 minutes from the concrete jungle we all live in
  3. It is centrally located in Al Barsha
  4. Valet Parking is available
  5. Value for money and they have some amazing offers from time to time . Currently they are running a 50 % off until 25th July at the Barsha Branch
  6. Soul Senses Spa have another branch located in Bur Dubai
  7. Variety of massage therepaies to choose from and a whole lot of facilities available at the venue to pamper you like a queen

Location and Contact Details:

Barsha Branch:

Al Barsha ,Level One, Grandeur Hotel, Behind Mall of the Emirates, , Al Barsha 1,Dubai, UAE . Landmark- Near Ramada Chelsea hotel

Call on 0097154 4240171  or  009714 3203783

Bur Dubai Branch:

The Atrium Centre,Mezzanine Floor ,Bank Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. Landmark – Near Al Fahidi Metro Station
Call on 009714 3799950    0097152 9153953


Hope you liked what you read, do leave me your comments. I am surely going back here with my better half to enjoy the couples massage therapy very soon!!

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The massage is a part of a review, all opinions are unbiased and my own.


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