Review-Shanghai Chic,Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate

Unlimited tasting night at Shanghai Chic at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Seafood

Restaurant name and location: Shanghai Chic,Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai, Ground Level.

The 14th century travels of the Arab Explorer Ibn Battuta have inspired this beautiful hotel with intricate design so beautiful to the eye that one can keep looking at the lovely exteriors and interiors and never get enough.


Shanghai Chic is one of the bright shining stars of the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, and I am so glad to have visited this gem of a place, I have put down my experience of this lovely place for you to read but my suggestion to you would be to not just read but make that call and book a table here right away!

My Experience: I was amazed by the beauty of the lobby of this magnificent hotel, as I walked under the Arabian lanterns hanging from the glorious high ceiling, I almost felt like I was playing a part in the movie. The lobby is massive with so much artsy detail in each corner that you can’t help but stop to admire it all as you walk by. Shanghai Chic is located at the end of the lobby!


We were greeted by a very friendly staff who checked our reservation and showed us to our table straight away. It was more like a private booth which felt very romantic. Something about the restaurant gave me a very happy feeling, the smiling staff, the ambiance and the very happy customers seated on different tables chatting away while admiring and gorging on the food in front of them. The place was almost full, something that they did and served must be so right! I was impressed straight away!

Concept: Unlimited tasting night at Shanghai Chic ! This is an all you can eat concept. The menu is specially crafted to in a way to ensure tasting and exploring various culinary delicacies in a single meal, while embarking on a journey of the senses across Asia. You can choose anything or everything from the long list of Asian dishes on the menu . The menu is an array of Asian-inspired appetizers to steamed, deep or pan-fried dim sum to a variety of soups, fish and seafood, vegetables roasted, rice and noodles, meat and poultry. You can choose from 40 delectable dishes and yes they have desserts too. The dishes you choose will be freshly prepared and served with in the most creative and beautiful way by the very talented Chef Pele and team.

We began our culinary journey with some very delish chef specials, moved on to appetizer and dim sum list and the list goes on and on…


The food never stopped being served on our table and each time I was more and more impressed with the presentation, the wide variety, the scrumptious taste and the ever friendly staff who were a second’s reach away at any given point in time.


To name a few of the exquisite and exotic dished we had, Kunafa Wrapped Prawns, almond chicken, chicken dumpling, oyster mushroom, Thai Papaya Salad, Chicken Siew Mai and so many more.



Have you heard of the words food coma! This is exactly what happened to me after the first few dishes:) 




and how can any dinner be complete without the dessert ? Right… so here it is…..



Recommend: Unlimited tasting night at Shanghai Chic at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate has become one of my top favorite things to do in Dubai. It is one of the best restaurants serving delectable food, more than perfect service and a wonderful, romantic, calm and a very peaceful ambiance which can be a great start to the weekend or a wonderful closing to the weekend. This place is going to be on my itinerary for any future visitors we entertain (local and international). If you haven’t been here yet, trust me you have missed out on something wonderful, but it’s never too late! Call and book a table now!


Do leave me a comment if you have been there or liked what you read:)

More information on Shanghai Chic  as below


VENUE:Shanghai Chic Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, Dubai

CUISINE: Asian, Chinese, Seafood

TIMINGS: From Wednesday to Friday from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

LOCATION: Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai, Ground Level, Next to Ibn Battuta Mall, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai

TELEPHONE:04 4445613,Table booking recommended

PRICE:AED 225 with soft beverages, AED 325 with unlimited house beverages






Disclaimer- Some images are courtesy to google. All opinions are my own

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