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I have been struggling with loosing the last 10 -1 2 kgs that I piled up in my last pregnancy.  I knew that I if I didn’t start to do something about it now i would start to get comfortable with the loose clothes , a bulge here and there etc. I took the matter in my hands, went and joined a gym in my neighbor hood  and the instructor I spoke to told me to detox for a few days . It couldn’t have been a better time when approached me to review their 3 days Ayurveda cleanse . Just what I needed.



Who are–  Go Organic ME was born out of pure passion of helping people by the very talented Meenaxy Vashishtha . Every product they make blends cutting-edge nutrition with healing traditional Medicine to offer people deeply healing cleanses and edibles that taste as delicious as they are effective.  is an online portal for  cold-pressed juices & cleanses of fresh organic ingredients and a lot more organic products (details below).They provide nutrient-packed, certified organic juices, cold-pressed for restorative, sustaining, life-enhancing nutrition on the go. With a 3-day cleanse, 5-day cleanse, 7-day cleanse, 10-day cleanse or 14- day juice cleanse, these juices form the basis of the plan.



Pre Cleanse:

Just before I started the cleanse , I received a few very informative emails from Maria Aisha from goorganic on the do’s and dont’s, pre and post cleanse instructions , an e booklet on the cleanse and the very common mistakes people make while being on this cleanse. I found this so helpful, a very kind and thoughtful gesture I hadn’t experienced before

Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse

I opted for a 3 day detox . The juices for Day 1 and Day 2 got delivered to me in the morning

Juices in Ayurvedic Cleanse that were delivered: 

Karma Ayurveda-Chia seeds, Blue berries, pineapple, strawberies, Spinach, Pure Aloevera, Indian gooseberry-

Bhakti  Ayurveda-Cucumbers, Coconut water, lemon, Pure Aloe,Pine apple, mint,apple, Brain tonic.

Dnyan Ayurveda- Lemon, Filtered water, Activated charcoal, Raw Organic honey.

Young love- Chia seeds, Pine apple, blue berries, strawberries, Stevia.

Kapha Ayurveda ( to balance Kapha Dosha)- Cucumber, spinach, kale, Acai powder, blue berries, rasberries, Raw Organic honey.

Pitta Ayurveda ( to balance Pitta dosha)-Sprouted almonds, date paste,Himalayan  pink salt, Vanilla  bean,Ionised water.-This was my favorite


Different Plans/Price: You can opt for 3-day cleanse, 5-day cleanse, 7-day cleanse, 10-day cleanse or 14- day juice cleanse : The 3 days Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse costs AED 636/-

Different Cleansing Programme: There are different categories of cleanse depending on your need – for eg . Beginners Low Glycemic, Refresh Cleanse,Super Green Cleanse

This online portal not only makes juices available to you but also all sorts of organic and healthy food . You can order the below mentioned food from and they will be delivered to your door stop

My experience:

Day 1 was the toughest, I couldn’t survive on the 6 bottles of juices and had to eat something by the day end. Day 2 and Day 3 were easy , and I am proud to say that I religiously followed it through and completed the cleanse. Onset of Day 4, I felt light, less bloated than normal days, my digestive system was on track  , felt more energized to go to the gym and work out , and missed my juices that kept me company for 3 long days! I was very impressed with the service as well, where by I was checked on a daily basis how my experience was , if there was anything that could be changed to make it better. Kudos to the team!


This is strongly recommend to everyone who either wants to get fit and healthy, or wants to remain fit and healthy which simply means everyone should give this a go! This provided the much needed push and motivation to me to begin my journey of getting healthier and fitter. It is so easy as they are delivered right to your door step, all you do is stock them in the fridge and make sure you have a bottle every 2-3 hours.


Order& Delivery:

For more information and to order visit – or email Orders 

They have a 20 percent off Ramadaan special until 12th July, 2016

You can call them on:

Land line : 04 – 81 35 257
Mobile : 055 – 625 06 64
Working Hours :
Saturday to Thursday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

GoOrganic.ME Fresh Produce is Now Available at Lulu, Choithram, Al Maya, Park n Shop, Geant etc

Lets go organic folks


Until next time…xx




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