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Hello ladies! I am back with a review of some very interesting Korean skin care products. I have never tried Korean beauty products before so if you are in the same boat as me , I know exactly how you feel. But once you try these products you might buy the entire range of skin care and beauty products from Korean brands. Let me quickly introduce you to these amazing products sent over by

What is

MySkinChoice is the new one stop shop for skincare, hair care and all things gorgeous. Inspired by the latest trends in Korean beauty industry, the products offered on their website have been hand-picked to comply with the highest quality standards. In addition, they only deal with cosmetics that do not contain paraben or any other harsh chemicals, to ensure the best result for any skin type. MySkinChoice features top Korean brands and offers an array of products for all your beauty needs.

So now that we know where can you get more information on these products from and eventually order them as well, lets jump straight to my experience using  few products . I have been using all these products for over 2 weeks now to ensure I provide a factual review.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner (AED 48.90 for 200 ml): With the winters already here, my skin has become all the more dry , reducing to flakes at the edges of the nose and on the fine line just above the chin, this is very normal process for my skin. We all know the benefits of aloe vera on our skin by now, so i decided to give this toner a go. I have been using  this toner for about 2 weeks and it has done wonders to my skin making it very hydrated, smooth and soft. The flakes have almost disappeared with regular use. The products contains aloe leaf water with natural cosmetics ingredients such as bha and snail secretion filtrate to help prevent skin damages and I must say it works like a wonder. The bottle is 200 ml so it will last for a very long time. I normally apply this in the morning after washing my face and before going to sleep in the night. Most importantly it has No Paraben, No Alcohol, No Mineral Oil, No Benzophenone, No Artificial Preservatives, No Steroid, No Artificial Fragrance and No Artificial Pigment. It is completely natural and one of the best skin toners I have used.



Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream( AED 87.90):  I couldn’t have asked for a better moisturizer to last me during the winters . This product hydrates the skin completely , the texture is thick and creamy but very light on the face, it doesn’t feel sticky and leaves no residue as well. I use it as  base before putting on some make up , specially on days I dont use a foundation. This ace cream provides moisture to skin without stimulus or irritate chemical ingredients. The best part being you need very little quantity to cover the entire face.


I usually take some in my palm and make dots on my face and then massage my face with it. This one is most recommended for your skin when it needs a lot of hydration in the winter months.


What I like most about this cream is that it hydrates , moists the skin along with soothing it completely, takes care of any skin irritation present on the face almost  instantly4

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish(AED 79.90)  This is my favorite product of the lot. It does a little more than it states. I have used this product about 6-7 times as I dont like to scrub my face every night. The times I have applied it it has done wonders to my skin , it exfoliates dead skin cells,eliminates the waste and dirt from the skin,controls your blackheads and excessive sebum making sure that you skin is like baby skin once you have rinsed it off.


I apply the polish all over my face and give it a good massage in circular motion, and while I am doing it I can feel dead skin coming off straight away. You have a salon product at your own home when you buy this one.




I dont get too many blackheads but I can tell by the quality that this would work great for people who have an issue with black heads cropping up every now and then. While it cleans your face of all the dirt , oil, impurities it also leaves your skin very hydrated due to shea butter and Vitamin E. A must have product for me !

Core Ingredients: Black sugar, Shea Butter, Cranberry Oil, Vitamin E

YADAH Auto Gel Liner Goodbye Smudge Real Black(AED 44.90)  I am a huge fan of eye liner, specially as i dont have big eyes naturally and i always tend to depend on an eye liner to make them seem bigger ! The only worry is after a bit most of them start to smudge making it look a bit ugly and all over the place. This eye liner states to be smudge free, I didn’t think it would really work but I was pleasantly surprised as I used it at 9 am and when i reached home around 4 pm , the eye liner was intact.


The texture is smooth and creamy, and glides very easily on the eyes, the nib is very steady making sure the line is shaped just how you want it.



I know I am going to be restocking this product time and again. The color is jet black just how I like it and stays for hours together which is exactly what one wants out of an eye liner right?It comes with a built in sharpener which  is so thoughtful!!



I also have the Benton Snail Bee High Contents Essence but i haven’t used this product yet but will  review it once I do use it a couple of times

Pros and Cons :

Natural, plant based, no paraben

No cons since I am an addict to organic , natural skin care

Where to order from?

These products and so many more products can be ordered from Free delivery on all orders above AED 150/- They have a wide variety of products for face, hair, make up, gifts and a lot more! Be sure to check them out. You can call them on +971 4 801 8100  or email on for more information.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Until next time..xoxo

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