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There was a time a couple of years ago when I wanted to try those magic pills and magic creams to get rid of dull skin , spots, eye bags after a row of late nights, or drink up some powder to feel better and get that glow going on the skin. During that phase I started to do some research about the products, ingredients, process etc and what I read got me a bit edgy and I decided to stop!  I am so glad I stopped , which led me to learning about organic products and today I am thrilled to share my experience of the wonderful Holly Beth Organic Luxury Skin Care  sent via

About Holly Beth Organic:

HollyBeth Organics is a certified organic artisan skincare brand, located at the cross section of luxury and organic Created by HollyBeth Anderson who is  the ultimate organic alchemist, the highly effective homeopathic range includes Facial and Body products designed to deliver the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. HollyBeth learned as a child the simple truth that the most effective ingredients are derived naturally from the Earth. Safe, non-toxic products both nurture the skin and uplift the soul

       HollyBeth Anderson

I am reviewing four products from their range today! 

HollyBeth Eye Serum ( Priced at AED 350) on

It is formulated with a proprietary blend of organic ingredients. I have been using this eye serum for close to a month now and have seen drastic changes to the skin under my eyes. It has a cooling steel roller ball hence very easy to apply and spill proof as well.I roll a small amount under and around the eye every night before I sleep. The 15 ml bottle will last you for quite a bit considering the amount you need to use hence it works as an amazing investment. I do not have tired eyes anymore when I wake up.


It works like magic and is by far the best eye serum I have used as the the fragile eye area is instantly brightened, soothed and de-puffed, signs of aging are diminished, dark circles faded, and protected from future damage

Suitable to all skin types.I call this my wonder serum!

HollyBeth Lavender Mist:( Priced at AED 110) on

I haven’t used a mist before and wasn’t sure about the pros or cons of the products but I have to admit that I  have been hooked to this mist since I first sprayed it on my face. I normally spray it over the face & neck with my eyes closed.It soothes and relaxes the skin and has a very fresh and tender aroma to it.  I also use this on my my hair! Yes this mist is in my handbag at all times and during one of those busy days when I am in and out of my work space, I spray a bit of this on my hair and face and I know I am fixed !

This can also be used for any minor cuts, rashes and bug bites due to its any bacterial properties. It is  Safe for children and pets as well

HollyBeth Chamomile Cleanser ( Priced at AED 115) on

This cleanser is packed with Aloe castile soap, infused with Evening Primorose oil, Chamomile flower oil and Rosemary extract. Can it get more natural than this? I think not:)

Once you have squeezed some into your hand, it lathers up very easily and helps to massage your face and hit the right spots to eliminates daily grime, excess oil, and reveals a healthy, fresh-faced look. This cleanser is very gentle and keeps it at bay with zero irritation. Post using this cleanser I feel like my face is rid of any impurities and there is no stiffness which normally comes up once you have washed your face. It takes off all my make up very easily as I wash my face. It also keeps my skin super soft and doesn’t dry it out at all.

HollyBeth Rose Geranium Toner: (Priced at AED 120 ) on

I have extremely dry skin which needs to be kept hydrated very well. I realize that this toner I have been using settles my skin really well. I normally use it once I am back home and have removed my make up! It removes most of the residue on the skin after cleansing, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive patches further. Gently spray it on my face and neck and it gets absorbed so quickly like it was never applied at all. The smell is divine which is a ‘must have’ in a product for me.

On weekends when my face is make up free I use this toner a few times in a day to keep my skin fresh , it sometimes feels like I am applying pure rose water on my skin! Bliss:)

I received the Rose Geranium face cream and eye cream as a part of the face kit but havent used them yet! Will post a review soon

My Verdict

Anything made with love and care is special. HollyBeth isnt just a company but is a human being trying to make some wonderful products in the most non toxic way possible for us to enjoy and reap the benefits from it. I would recommend this product with a hand on my heart and would love for you all to try their range at least once as I know once you have tried it , it wont be last time!


Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free & Cruelty-Free, USDA-Certified


My only concern is 3 out of the 4 products come in a glass bottle , if you are the clumsy kind then with a drop you have lost it all

Where to  order from?

All of HollyBeth’s organic skin care products can be ordered from BALMESSENCE – The Home of World’s Nature-Luxe Beauty Brands. Order Online via or call /Whats app your order to +971 4 451 6083/+971551398046. They have a lot of exciting offers on their website. Free Shipping across UAE for orders AED 350 and above.

Which is your favorite organic product? Do leave me your comments

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