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I have been wanting to try this GOSH Cosmetics for a long time now and I was lucky enough to be sent over some of their new make up range and wanted to share my review with all you people!

GOSH Cosmetics is a Denmark-based hip and trendy cosmetics company. Their products are all natural, cruelty and paraben free. GOSH Cosmetics has recently released some fabulous new products

Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara:


I love this mascara! It gives a amazing  effect and it has never clumped my lashes at all and that’s what I love about it the most. It doesn’t clump yet it still elongates the lashes considering my lashes are really tiny, it makes them look nice and long and very natural. I love the fact that it doesn’t start running down in the humid weather and is pretty easy to remove as well. The soft bristles on the precision brush head make applying mascara easy and accurate.

Giant Pro Liner



This one has got to be one of the finest liners I have used. It is very easy to apply and the line is dark and strong with one application. More over it does not smudge and dries off very easily as well. I use the neutrogena wipes to take it away and it hasn’t given me any issues till date. What I also like about it is that it stays the same way from morning till I get home from work

Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel 


This is my very first time with a product of this kind and I am smitten by it completely. I dont have very thick eyebrows but this does the trick. The color is like your skin color and it quickly merges with the eyebrows making them look fuller and in so much better shape. This consists of seaweed which makes it extra special It very easily grabs on to your brow. The best part if it makes the eyebrows look vert natural. Again very easy to remove with the wipes , two- three swipes and I am sorted.. This Innovative Fiber Gel with applicator brush is the perfect tool for immediate filling volume eyebrows.

Lipliner & Lipstick






Lipliner: 010 smoothie / velvet touch lipliner . It is a nice pink which isn’t too loud and would work in the day or night and would match with anything that you are wearing. The color is vibrant and makes you look fresh. Also it is very easy to apply and has a matt finish to it . It outlines the lips really well

Lipstick- 014 Matt Cranberry- I love Matt shades for a lot of reasons primary being they last longer than the glossy ones. This lipstick is half the price of most high end products it is definitely worth the price .The lipstick has an amazing fragnance, feels very soft on the lips as you apply it and moistens the lips instantly.The lipstick is good consistency and doesn’t dry out the lips




This solves the 3 most important tasks of makeup- Highlight, Blush and Contouring. This kit includes 2 bronzers -a semi-matte blush and a highlighter. After I used this for the first time I found that it really defined and highlighted my facial features. The texture is very creamy , is easy to apply and blends easily together. They have 2 shades in this kit and almost matches all skin tones. It is a 4 in 1: highlight, blush, and 2 contour

Contour: I use it to to make my face appear more proportional , apply it to cheekbones, on either side of the nose, along the hairline ,the temples and the jaw line.
Blush: Apply it with a thick blush brush on the apple my cheeks. It gives me a very fresh look. I normally do a touch up during the day
Highlight: This is my favorite part. The highlighter reflects light onto the skin to give a glowing and fresh look. I apply it with a loose hand and put it on the bridge of the nose, chin, center of the forehead and cheekbones.

This has become the most important part of my makeup !

Why Gosh?

  • First and foremost GOSH only use natural ingredients in their products such as argan oil, macadamia oil and so on..
  • All the products are Paraben free ,Cruelty free, and do not contain perfumes
  • Affordable pricing and works like a magic

Recommend ?: Without a doubt! Once you use them , I promise you wont stop. If you’re looking to fill your make up pouch with amazing products without a hole in your pocket, GOSH is what you are looking for


Outlets to buy them at:

GOSH products are available at Lifestyle outlets all across the Emirates.

Thanks Lovlies! Do leave me your comments about your favorite beauty product


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