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Hello Foodies!!

Being born in Nepal, momos is almost my staple diet. I jump on every opportunity to have these and honestly I can have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! For those of you who havent tried this before they are made out of flour or wheat flour coating with filling of your choice of meat or vegetables rolled to steam, pan fry, or deep fry to your preference. It is served with a spicy tomato or sesame based dipping sauce. .

I was introduced to Sushi about 10 years ago by a dear friend and I have not stopped eating it since then. Momo and Sushi are in the literal sense my soul food and what is better when you get to eat them at one night in the cutest restaurant called Moshi. I love the name ,‘Moshi’ is ‘hello’ in Japanese, so well thought of says it all in this one word.

I had the pleasure to be invited to Moshi restaurant in Al Barsha , Dubai and there was no way i could resist this invite. Moshi is a tiny, cosy space which felt like home the minute we stepped in. The ever so lovely Kush greeted us with her warm big smile;) It has a warmth which I dont see in a lot of restaurants.

We were served the most amazing strawberry Mojito at first ,Served in retro-style mason jars, and were asked to pen our names on the glass with marker pens How quirky-cool is that? This gesture took my heart away, fantastic personalized service.


And then the moshi experience began , we were served everything on their summer menu , the dishes flowed to our table one after another , literally testing our appetite and challenging our taste buds. They have come up with a summer menu and it has the most amazing mix .


Who would have thought of having hot dog maki, flamin chicken cheetos sushi, chicken chips oman or a mouth watering sushi burger which does taste like a burger.

This is an amazing effort by Rahul, the founder of Moshi to mix the local taste of UAE along with sushi . Who doesn’t eat hot dogs and Oman chips in UAE right!!

These are the drinks/dishes I tried !
Strawberry Mojito,Zatar Labneh, Spicy Edamame, Hot Dog Maki,Volcano Roll, Flamin Chicken Cheetos,Chicken Chips Oman, Lotus Milk Shake, Nutella Maki, Salmon sushi, philadelphia and peanut butter bar

Yes I can eat a lot:) dont judge me!!



My thoughts

The presentation at Moshi is so very artsy and creative and well thought of. It changes with every platter kept me intrigued on what is coming next.


The mushroom and edamame momos were the first thing we tried and I must say these are one of the best momos I have had in Dubai . Lush ones:)  I am not a vegetarian pro so when I like something veg it simply means it is really good. You can have them steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried, in a number of meat and veg varieties including paneer and spinach, edamame, or buffalo and is paired with the authentic Nepalese sauce/chutney and this is the next best sauce I have eaten outside of Nepal



The Sushi rolls were served in a platter and were fresh and seemed very light on the tummy. The maki was properly prepared ,held its form and each roll was nicely seasoned with its respective local flavors and spice . They are soft and dont feel dry when you pop them in and you can taste all the flavors as you chew the sushi roll. My absolute favorites are flamin chicken cheetos and the Philadelphia rolls ( these are the classic treat for all salmon lovers like me with salmon avocado and cheese). Overall nice, but I have eaten better Sushi’s since I am a sushi lover!


The winner of the night clearly was the lotus milk shake. It is by far the best milkshake I have tried and in-spite of being absolutely tummy tight with all the food I could not stop sipping this beauty. This one is a must must try!!!

Recommend: This place is a must visit , especailly for those of you who like to explore and try diferent combinations and permitaions!! The varieties offered would blow your mind and get your taste buds jumping

What didn’t work for me :  I didn’t enjoy the zaatar labneh sushi roll , probably as I am not a huge fan of vegetarian food, the momos were really one of the best I have eaten. Sushi’s were good but not completely out of the world!!

Thank you Moshi for the personalized dessert , I am not a dessert person but I did enjoy the The Nutella Maki , which are little crepes filled with Nutella. The other bit are the  Peanut Butter Bars  for the health-conscious foodie, which has a whole lot of peanut butter and some chocolate. It kind of tastes like a protein bar.

Thank you Moshi for having us and letting us experience this very creative blend of Japanese and Nepalese food! We will be back for some more newbies!!  They constantly add new dishes to the menu so, this place never gets boring!

For more details, call 800 MOSHI ( 66744)

Al Raha Building, opposite Citymax Hotel
Behind Mall of the Emirates
Al Barsha 1

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