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Being a blogger entails a lot of hard work, creating interesting content, taking 100 shots before you finalize that one picture you want to feature, making sure your audience is always interested in the information you are putting out there and most importantly be honest to the followers  but it also has some lovely perks.. just like the subject today! I was invited by the Queens Beauty Lounge to spend a few hours and enjoy a few services . I had heard a lot about this lounge from friends and fellow bloggers but had never been there myself! I am so glad i did and I hope you do as well after reading my experience…

A little bit about the Queens Beauty Lounge: As the name suggests, “queens” , this is how every girl will feel and be treated when you visit this lounge. They have 2 branches one in marina and the other in JLT. This spa is a brain child of Sakshi Nath , who is also a proud owner of the very popular restaurant Tresind in Dubai. They offer a wide range of modern innovative beauty services with grooming & wellness. The services are provided by experienced and well trained personnel’s. They also offer various treatments ranging from face, body, hair, nail & eyelash extensions and professional make up.

My experience:  I was very impressed in my first communication with the personnel from Queens beauty lounge when I asked about the various services they offer for the purpose of review. She instantly told me that Queens believes in organic product and treatments as do i and the idea is to promote organic lifestyle and that’s why they wanted me to review one of their exclusive organic treatment. Now that made me very happy! I am sure by now you know that I am a pure sucker for organic products, treatments and so on . I chose the Organic Body Treatment which is Body Polishing, Slimming and Detox Massage

As i walked in I was greeted by a very lovely lady called —- who asked me to take a seat and offered me some yummy detox water:) With no wastage of time I was led to a room where Marigold, the therapist was waiting for me and she kindly explained what she would be doing in the next 2 hours! I loved that they take time to explain what it is that they are doing to the body and how it will effect the body once done.I was asked to change and lie down and just relax! She started off with applying this body scrub made of rose petals which is 100 percent organic and rubbed it all over me , at first I thought it felt a little bit harsh but I realized that if she didn’t scrub well the dirt, dry skin , flakes wouldn’t come off at all.

Once the scrubbing was done , she wiped the area with a hot towel and applied an organic body polish made with rice and rose petals all over the body and then covered me with plastic and a towel from head to toe and asked me to close my eyes and rest it out.

After 15 minutes when the body polish dried off she asked me to follow her to the nearest washroom which was fully equipped with shower gel, shampoo , conditioner , bath gown and slippers and asked me to take a hot shower. While I was taking off this body polish I realized that my skin felt like a baby’s skin , my hands were almost slipping . I have never felt my skin this soft, moisturized , hydrated ever.  I was wondering why i never pampered my body this way before and promised to get this done atleast once every 2 months. My body felt light, tender yet fresh as a flower! This therapy also helps to  detoxify the body and revive the metabolic process. Post the shower I was led back into the room where in dim lights and some great instrumental music , Marigold Gave me a nice detox relaxing massage with the organic shirleyconlon body oil .

She moved from one body part to another like a pro , kneading my muscles and knowing the exact pressure points to take away all the stress accumulated with the very strenuous lifestyle we all lead in today’s’ age and day! She targeted specific areas in order to stimulate the pressure points, which help strengthen the tissue and eliminate toxins. This is just what I needed to feel light, calm and all set for the busy week ahead. Post this massage I was all set to face the world again:)

Recommendation: If you want to feel like a queen , be pampered , get rid of all your stress and come out fresh as a flower, this is a must visit spa! Have a look at the annual packages they offer, they are really worth it for women who like to visit the spa very regularly!

They have wide range of services besides the organic treatments which you can check on their website www.queensbeautylounge.com .The interiors of the spa are bright , soothing and calming to the eyes , I promise you can literally spend an entire day here comfortable:)

So ladies, feel like a queen as you deserve this more than any other:) and keeping that in mind I am hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to go and enjoy services at Queens beauty lounge.. stay tuned… on my instagram page for details – Instagram- womanindubai

Location and Contact details :

Dubai Marina Tel: +971 4 427 9689, Mob: +971 55 107 8605
Email : info@queensbeautylounge.com
Located at :Trident Marinascape
Shop No. 5
Marina Boulevard Walk
Jumeirah Lakes Towers Tel: +971 4 421 4267 , Mob: +971 56 329 2525
Email :  info.dmcc@queensbeautylounge.com
Located at : Cluster Y Swiss Tower
Shop No. 1
Jumeirah Lakes Tower

For more information please visit  www.queensbeautylounge.com





Disclaimer- All opinions are my own

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  • Wow!!! Awesome review and such a tastefully decorated place. Would love to be your winner and get to be pampered by them.

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