Few words that I clearly recollect as I wore my Dapper Durham watch from Daniel Wellington were, Classy, Elegant, Simple, Royal. I wanted to review it on my blog today and share the discount code which would get you all a flat  15% off on purchase until  October 15th when you purchase a watch from 

Introducing my Daniel Wellington Dapper Durham 34mm that came all the way from Sweden to Dubai and I instantly fell in love with it. Just what I needed in a watch- something that just tells the time , nothing more , nothing less.


The Daniel Wellington Watch made in Sweden, with the highest form of workmanship and quality. Daniel Wellington Watch is “THE WATCH” for every gender and every occasion. The thin and elegant watch face creates a clean design and is none other then perfection on your wrist. It is Timeless and Classy.


I was in love as I saw my beautiful Rose gold watch sitting in a beautiful leather box. I love the Daniel Wellington packaging,it looked regal and classy. In the box, there is a manual with clear instructions and a 2 year guarantee. The efficient people at Daniel Wellington do think about unforeseen situations and thus have included a replacement pin should you misplace yours. The box is beautiful with the words ”Daniel Wellington” carved on the box and it is a very comfortable spot for storing the precious watch at home and while travelling.


The Dapper Durham comes with a very stylish looking, durable & classy leather strap. The strap I ordered is brownish-tan color which goes with any outfit , day or night and that’s what I like the best about my Daniel Wellington Watch.  I love the brown leather with white stitching. Daniel Wellington sends along a small tool to unlatch the leather strap and attach a different strap of your choice, in case leather isn’t your ”go to” preference, you can choose the THE NATO STRAP.

If you are getting worried about the color shades on the strap, let me assure you that this is genuine leather and hence the color changes when the belt is flexed to wear, or bent to latch. I love how cool it looks with this shade change.

strap 1

Dial and Performance

I adored Dapper Durham 34mm. The size, rose gold color , the simplicity and especially the deep blue hands. The royal look the roman numerals create is stunning and the much needed date display is a bliss. All the features blend in such a elegant way and the watch goes with all styles and ages. My 75 year old mom and my 3 year old daughter , they both love it and would steal it if I would let them!

The one thing that a I want my watch to do is tell me the time and my Daniel Wellington watch does that simply, easily and with a very classy feel. It does have impeccable timekeeping that I have begun trusting it more than my previous watches. It is so thin and light weight , just what you need when you are rushing to work, or have a busy schedule , or are packing for a long trip


back dial



The Dapper Durham is available for $219 on Use the code  womanindubai when you purchase a watch from , and it will give you a 15% off on purchase until  October 15th.

In my opinion the watch is not on the expensive side considering how great it looks , I can combine it with anything I wear, at work or for a evening out with my friends, day or night! It is definitely more than worth the spend.

My Take :

Daniel Wellington watches suit my personality. They are not the kinds that will shout ‘look at me’ but still managed to get notice and receive several compliments on the lines of very simple, chic and classy.


If you are someone who likes very flashy watches , this isn’t for you! However if you are someone who likes class, timeless pieces and something which is super comfortable , Daniel Wellington watches are what you are looking for!!

Besides being very comfortable it definitely is a trendy watch specially with the Nato Strap in blue or the pink color.

Simply put , this is a  A WATCH FOR EVERY OCCASION! I love it…

Which is your favorite watch?


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