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Do you use organic and natural products?  My love for natural and organic products began sometime in 2013 when my first baby was born, since then I try to use as much organic, natural, plant based products for my girls and myself

I was sent a few products by to try and review. I have been using these products for 2 weeks now and very excited to share my experience and thoughts with you

What is Live the Nature:

Live the nature is the first online concept boutique of organic and natural skincare products in UAE. They are the one stop healthy beauty shop for all your skincare, beauty needs. Their vast range consists of women skin care, cosmetics, kids and baby skin, body, men, oral, hair care. To name a few brands available- nature’s baby organic, derma e, four cow farm and many more……………!!

Keep reading if you want to know more about this service and have the chance to win some fabulous products for yourself worth AED 750/-

Let me quickly take you through the products I received:

Nature’s Baby Organics Bubble Bath ( Lovely Lavender)

My 3-year-old always fusses over her bath time.I was so excited to see her reaction when I first used this bubble bath and threw in some of her favorite toys in the bath tub.She started to scream in happiness and enjoyed her bubble bath for a good 30 minutes. The organic bubbles floating in the bath made her very happy, and the fragrance this product carries is so perfect for babies/kids. I knew I didn’t have to worry as this product is made with certified organic ingredients and the highest quality botanical, essential oils and luxurious moisturizers. Those bubbles are long lasting and extremely gentle so they will not dry or irritate her tender skin, while the natural scents fill the air. This is great for babies and kids of all ages.

Wow factors: Paraben Free, SLS Free, Synathetic Fragnance Free and 1-4 Dioxane Free

Price: AED 70/- for 355 ml

Recommended: If you want to make your baby’s bath time a bonding play time , this is the answer.

Derma e Skin Lighten




I was very happy to see this in the bag as I have been wanting to use this brand for a long time now, having heard great reviews about the brand in particular. During my last pregnancy, my skin tone became very uneven and weird and I have been on the lookout for a natural product to get rid of the pale skin and even out the skin tone.

After 2 weeks of using this product I have already got few compliments at work about how lovely my skin looks. The first thing I noticed about the cream was that it was thick and might not blend with my face but to my surprise it soaked into my skin pretty quickly. The cream had a natural fragrance to it. Once you have applied this cream on your face, you feel like all the dryness is evaporating from the skin and the moisture is reaching to the deep levels of the face.

I don’t plan on having a Skin Lightener in my daily routine forever but will be using this cream and restock it a few times until my once the dullness fades away it will  be time to put this product away until it is needed again.

The only feature I didn’t appreciate about this product is that it is in a jar, I prefer when face creams are in a tube for sanitary reasons

Wow factors: Cruelty Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free

Price: AED 180/

Recommended: For women who have a dullness in their skin, a pale tone, before, during or after pregnancy this is a wonder product.

Biokosma Hand Cream Citrus


Hudson 100%


I don’t use too many hand creams, perhaps as I do have naturally soft hands. So I decided to put this cream at test by giving it to my mommy who is visiting me from India. My mom has pretty rough hands, partly due to age and mostly has she has never taken care of her skin and runs away from skin care routine and products. This would be the best way to see the difference this cream is making to dull hands and someone who really needs this hand cream treatment.

It has been about 10-12 days since she is using this hand cream and I must say that it has made a remarkable difference. Her hands feel soft, moist, more nourished than ever before and well taken care of. The slight cracks that I saw earlier on her finger tips have now reduced considerably

Price: AED 148/- for 75 ml (This is originally priced at AED 185)


I recommend this cream to women who have dry hands, I know a lot of my friends who always complain of how dry their hands are, this one is for you ladies

Vidaloe (Aloe Vera Natural Gel)


By now the whole world knows the wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera. I had not used this product at all until one day I came back home from the park and had this itching sensation in my legs and I couldn’t stop itching until I my calf turned red with scratching and almost puffed up like it was baked.

I went inside my room to get an ointment and saw this gel on my dresser. I remember when I spoke to Elena Negrobova , Director, Marketing and Business Development at live the nature about the products, she had mentioned that this is a magical all-purpose gel and would be useful for applying on cuts( while men are shaving), or any bruises etc. I thought of giving this a go and in a span of 20 minutes my want to itch and the redness, soreness and puffiness disappeared.

Since then this has come to become my most magical & handiest solution, especially with two kids, the number of times they get bruised and cut. I have applied this on my 3-year-old and it has helped in many ways than one.

Wow Factors: Cell Regenerator with anti-aging healing effects, relives pain, itching, irritation, inflammation, works its magic after waxing and shaving to nourish and keep the skin smooth

Price: AED 50 for 250 ml (Buy 1 get 1 free offer on currently)

Recommend: YES, Without a doubt! Ladies, this needs to be one of the mandatory items in the handbag, for travels etc.

 Order& Delivery:

Order all your skincare, beauty and many more favorite products by visiting or call their efficient team on 04-5136095/ 052 4680822. Free Delivery and many exciting offers during Ramadaan.

Now on to the exciting part… the giveaway! So not only were the team at Live the Nature kind enough to send me products to try, they would love for you to win a hamper of lovely natural products for you and your baby worth AED 750/-.There will be one lucky winner chosen from across all my social media channels. The winners will be announced on the 25th June. Multiple entries are allowed. The more you share and tag, the more you have a chance to win!!!

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