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Priti Malik

I got my driving license a few years ago and like many of you here in the UAE this was the happiest day of my life! You must be wondering why I am talking about my driving license right? Well it is directly related to my Star in Dubai  who is wonderful, adorable, strong and a woman with a kind heart.I shall tell you how, so when I wasn’t driving on my own and I would be in a taxi or with my friends I would always ask them to tune into and I always felt really dissatisfied when my ride would end which meant I couldn’t listen to The Kris Fade show as often and whenever I wanted to! So when I finally started to drive, I felt like the queen of the world, listening to Virgin – The Kris Fade show for that drive to work every day. I kid you not, my radio channel has not changed in the mornings from 8-10 am for the last 3 years! It has always been this show! If you live in the UAE and don’t listen to The Kris Fade show, you don’t know what you are missing out on! Now onto my star in Dubai for this month. It is none other than the girl with the most amazing voice – Priti Malik! I am such a huge fan of Priti and was over the moon when she agreed to come on board Stars in Dubai 🙂 Priti, for me is the star of this show! Don’t get me wrong I love Kris and Rossi too but Priti is special!  She is like a best friend I have never met!

I know a lot of you are huge fans of her and so happy to publish the little known facts about here right here… Read away, hope you enjoy it and I am sure you will love her a lot more


Name: Priti Malik

Company Name: Co-Host of The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio Dubai

Star Sign: Pisces

Favorite Colour: Not one really, but I LOVE Black!

What spurred the idea becoming a Radio Jockey? I was 17 years old when I decided to get into Broadcast Journalism. It happened after I saw MTV VJ broadcasting on the streets of NYC and I thought to myself, ‘I want to do that’. I started working behind the scenes at a radio station in New York while I was in High School and then started on air at another local station in college!

One trait in you no one knows of? I LOVE dancing! I’ve been performing since I was three years old. I was continuing dancing and performing here in Dubai, but had to stop unfortunately due to time!

Who is your hero? I would have to say my father. I’ve seen him work so hard over the life to provide for our family. Everything I do, I do it for my parents!

Your favorite word and why? Oh man – you’re asking a girl who talks for a living to pick just one?! Just because it’s fun let’s say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Where do you see yourself on a personal front and your company in 5 years from today? On a personal level, I hope to be a mother in the next 5 years. Professionally, I just want to continue doing what I love!


There, dont you just love her a lot more than you did! I certainly do! Thank you Priti for being you , always so cheerful and so full of life! One amazing quality I admire about her is how fair she is on the show and not pretentious at all. I love how she conducts herself on the show and I bet she is loved by everyone that surrounds her! I am and will always remain your loyal fan!

Lets roll with…everybody, rock your body………:) Yeah that’s one of her favorite songs! Thank you Priti for agreeing to this project I love, and truly inspiring a lot of women out there including me and I hope to meet you in person someday!








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