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Natasha Hatherall

When I started blogging , a friend introduced me to this company called Tish Tash and I instantly loved this name , I thought it was so creative , little did i know that this name holds a emotional and sentimental value for Natasha Hatherall, the Founder and Managing Director of Tish Tash

What is TishTash: I will excuse you for not knowing who or what TishTash is only if you are a blogger living under a rock in UAE. TishTash offes a range of marketing and communications services, professional skills and expertise, delivering to almost any client requirements. They have a list of esteemed clients , to name a few …Rodial,Kate Spade home and gifts, herbal essentials and the list can go on and on…..!

So now that you know about Tish Tash, its time to find out a little more than we all already know about Natasha Hatherall  in her own words …. We all would like to know why the name Tish Tash:) or who is her hero:) right…Lets find out then , shall we?


Company Name: TishTash Marketing and Public Relations

Star Sign: Taurus

Favorite Colour: Pink of course!

What spurred the idea of Tish Tash?

To be honest TishTash happened a little by accident! I’d always had very busy and quite stressful jobs working for the big PR and communications agencies or in-house and when I came to the UAE I also had a very busy and quite stressful job working for the government.  I was a little tired and burnt out by it all and so I thought I’d try and get some balance in my life by freelancing, going to yoga and getting my nails done! However, my background is in beauty, which is such a huge and in demand area in the Middle East and before I knew it I was very busy!  Within 3 months I had more clients than I could handle and my first team member and it went from there.    My ethos behind TishTash is simple – to offer the best of big agency/brand PR and Marketing experience affordably to those we work with, to deliver by the highest global agency standards and to provide a very personal and loving approach to everyone and all we do.

Lots of people ask me what TishTash means or where it comes from – TishTash is the nickname my grandfather had for me as child and true to the ethos of TishTash it doesn’t get much more personal than that.  He isn’t with us any more, but I like to think that this carries him around with me and he’d be proud of what I have achieved.

One trait in you no one knows of?

I am very CREATIVE. Few people know this about me in the Middle East, but back home in England TishTash was my company selling my original contemporary art.   Alongside working at a large global agency by day, I sold my artworks in my spare time. My paintings were contemporary and all colorful, quirky and full of texture and I found painting a great antidote to the stress of my day job. I should really take up painting again as since I moved to Dubai 7 years I have never picked up my paintbrush once – I miss it!

Who is your hero?

It’s a tough one, but I have long admired Diane von Furstenburg as a business woman. At the simplest level, not only am I fan of her clothing, which is a staple in my wardrobe, but I also admire the fact she has achieved so much, that she works hard even now in her late 60s and that she failed a fair bit along the way and is very open about that.  She has flaws and openly talks about them and the struggle that entrepreneurs go through. I personally think it’s refreshing when people who have succeeded talk about the difficulties rather than those who make it all look too easy! Because it really is not easy!

Your favorite word and why?

I do find myself saying “seriously” a lot as every day seems to be full of a lot of craziness and random requests!!

Where do you see yourself and Tish Tash in 5 years from today?

I genuinely did not think TishTash would ever get where it is today. In less than 5 years we are one of the largest beauty PR hubs in the GCC with brands including Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Rodial, Ciate, Lipstick Queen, Filorga, GlamBox and many more, we have a team of 12, beautiful offices in the heart of Dubai and a multi million dirham annual turnover.  So, I am now starting to see that anything really is possible and of course one day I’d love TishTash to be a globally recognised name for Public Relations and Marketing. If I’m going bold in 5 years time I’d love to say TishTash represents all beauty, health and wellness brands in the Fortune 500 list and that we have offices in at least 6 different countries.  Let’s see!

Personally, of course I hope to still have an active role in TishTash to ensure the values and passion for what we do continues to run through the agency, but I would also love to have written and published a book. I hope to have my own family by then too and be enjoying the juggle of all  and attempting to “have it all”!


There you now know a lot more about the lovely Tash as we all call her than you did before you read this article:)

Stars of Dubai was the budding idea why I became a blogger in the first place 6 months ago but somehow i lost track! Before the year ended ,I knew I had to get this project which is so close to my heart out there. When I got in touch with Tash almost a month ago, I was a bit reluctant, whether she would be happy to come on board as we had never met, but we knew each other through emails and reviews that I have done on my blog for a few brands Tish Tash represents. Within a few months of communication , I knew Tash was different in a lot of ways, and I was sure then that when Stars In Dubai would debut, I would love her to be the debutante:) and I couldn’t be happier when she replied with an “Of course, I will be very happy to support you in this new feature”.

So thank you Tash for being so wonderful, inspiring so many women like myself to get out there, chase our dreams, be humble and grounded like yourself and never stop dreaming :), because   with hard work and perseverance they do come true!  Thank you for being you and a Star in Dubai  and look forward to you painting and displaying your art very soon here in Dubai:)














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