My Royal Iftaar Affair with Tresind Dubai- Review

I overheard a few friends at a get together boasting about this fancy dinner restaurant they went to , and wasn’t sure why they were going on and on about how everyone in the UAE should experience dining with Tresind. Having been there myself, all I can say is my friends didn’t boast enough.

Restaurant name and location: Tresind, 2 nd floor, Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road

Why Tresind – “Tresind” is a combination of “Tres” and “ind” meaning, “Very India”.

Cuisine: Indian fine dining

The Set Up

Tresind’s décor reflects copper accents and hints of Indian motif to complement the cuisine. By day, a corporate setting suitable for a business lunch or afternoon tea. At night, it’s mood lit lounge, DJ set up and views of the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline, provide an ideal venue for a candle lit dinner or partygoers hotspot. Even the beverage list is crafted to tie in to the underlying flavors and aromas of India, with experiential elements of smoke infused cocktails and subtle spice to delight the senses. All in all, Tresind offers a one of a kind experience, that will tease your taste-buds, engage you visually and change any preconceived notions you’ve ever had about the Indian cuisine.

My Experience : As we walked in , we were greeted by the very friendly staff who showed us to our table. A glance around the restaurant and I realized the positive and happy vibes which surrounded the place. Everyone eating and serving seemed so happy, excited with the molecular gastronomic experience they underwent each time , the staff were talking to the guest at the table explaining what they were doing with the food to make it a gastronomic experience. Just then I knew , this is no an ordinary tasting experience.

We were to be served with everything on their iftaar menu

My Royal Affair with Tresind Dubai

We begin our culinary journey with Amuse Bouche tray consists of crudites, date candy, saffron and almond milk, meat fruit , steamed edamame, wild zatar ,a side bowl of fruit jar.  Break your fast in the most royal way possible!

My favorite was the tiny bottle of saffron and almond milk , just adorable looking and  deliciously refreshing and the classic steamed edamame.



As we were devouring these yummy treats, one of the chefs came by our table with a trolley which had all the ingredients to make us taste a molecular gastronomic experience of ”pani puri”. It was probably one of the best pani puri I have had , and being an Indian I have had pani puris all my life. Served in the cutest spoon to make sure you have it all at one go to let the different tastes burst in your mouth and create its own little party.



We were then pleasantly surprised with this tall glass and a tray of fruits and drink brought over at our table to create this molecular smoky mocktail which consisted of our very own India Ruabza and a mix of passion fruits. It looked so grand and took a while to settle , post which we were served this in glasses and I must say it did not taste anything like ruabza. I have never liked ruabza as a child but this was such a refreshing drink and you could taste each fruit rolling in your tongue with every sip!  Bliss!



A modernist chaat trolley came our way which had frozen dhoklas ( something like sponge cakes) and a lot of other ingredients . The chef started his magic and mixed everything in one huge platter , broke the frozen dhokla creating a smoky cool surrounding , the entire process is so charming that all you want to do is look at how they prepare these dishes and leave everyone astounded. Once the chef finished doing his magic he gave us the chaat served in a plate and with  the first bite I knew I was going to have the best food of my life this evening . Every bite was a mix of different tastes one after another  popping in my mouth making it so incredible.



By now I was in a different world altogether , I was lost in my affair with Tresind, This place is nothing less than a royal experience with food  and I was enjoying every second of this perfect evening .

Next, we were served with all the sides in the iftaar menu , and I was so happy as I got to eat almost everything. The sides we got served were corn on the cob, burnt butter mushrooms,Mongolian beef, creamed mushrooms, tempura chilli, lamb kofta and cheeken keema,green chilli zhug

My husband fell in love with the tempura chilli and gulped them all one after another , I am not a very spicy eater anyway. My favorite out of the sides were lamb kofta, they almost melted the same second i poped them in , the creamed mushrooms- these tasted so good, that I didn’t share a single bite of this and savored it all by myself.

Plie 100%


By now , we were almost full and so satiated with the food. Our taste buds were thanking us for the night . Just then we were told that the main course was yet to come. That is a lot of food!! We asked them to give very small portions and one portion to share between us two , as I was being greedy since I wanted to keep some space for the dessert which I knew would be out of the world

Next we had a very friendly chef who came to our table with a trolley to prepare yummy baked sea bass with stir fried veggies. He cooked the veggies in front of us and explained that this retains the fresh taste of veggies which in most places is lost by the time it reaches the guest table. I agree , once we tasted these veggies , we knew what was missing in a lot of other restaurants. I am a sucker for seafood and veggies so this was the best part of the dinner for me. The veggies were crunchy yet had this great flavour of mix spices ad garlic. The fish tasted so fresh like it was just caught at the lake in the backyard. This is what I am talking about when I say I would get lost from time to time while eating my food


Next on the table came the Roast Beef. The presentation of the food is so grand that at time you dont want to spoil  it by eating it away. I am a beef eater and beef if not cooked well cannot be eaten at all since it is all chewy and has literally no taste in it and leaves a ugly after taste. So I know how important the timing is for beef to be cooked.  The roast beef so just perfectly cooked, not too hard, not too chewy, the right flavours which re did the magic like all the other things we were served. In spite of being tummy full we managed to swipe it all off of the plate. This was definitely the second best dish of the evening .



By now , we couldn’t stop talking about how this restaurant was so different than anywhere else we had ever been . We both have traveled large part of the world and eaten at different cities but nothing really came to close to this experience. This is something truly special and is the perfect place for special ones, occasions, celebration,or a nice date night

Last but not the least, was my favorite part of the evening ,the deconstructed black forest cake. Once again the chef came with a trolley and made this fit for a king dessert on our table mixing a lot of ingredients like, chocolate sponge,sweet barfi,caramel sauce,coco powder and the frozen cream etc again creating a smoky sweet environment around us making you feel like nothing less than a queen. We took the the first bite and were literally transported to heaven. I am not joking , if you want to see and taste heaven you need to be at tresind eating this dessert . This divine, palatable, luscious dessert too my breath away. We were also served a plate of Indian sweets which was sift, yummy and tasted just like back home



Recommend: If you want to be treated like a queen, visit Tresind Dubai. You know how sometimes when you watch a movie, it leaves an impact on you. This is what Tresind did to us, it left a strong impact and a want to talk about it and recommend it to each person you meet as you want them all to experience this incredible and marvelous blend of food with molecular gastronomy . I recommend this place to each person living and visiting UAE.

It would be very difficult for any other restaurant to come to par with this fascinating affair with tresind Dubai

Do leave me a comment if you have been there or liked what you read:)

More information on Tresind Dubai as below


Open: All Week

Time: Lunch (12:00pm – 3:30pm) & Dinner (6:30pm – 3:00am)

For reservations or for more information, please or email

VENUE: Tresind, a modern Indian fine-dining restaurant

CUISINE: Modern Indian

IFTAR & SUHOOR Choicest selection of biryanis, curries and traditional tajines

TIMINGS: 6:30 PM TO 3:00AM

LOCATION: 2 nd floor, Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road

TELEPHONE: 043080440/ 0564209754

PRICE: 200 AED per person plus taxes ( Iftaar)

BOOKINGS ACCEPTED: Yes, recommended

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