My Organic Baby Shop- Review and Giveaway!!!


My Organic Baby Shop ( recently sent me a goody bag with some wonderful Organic products from Nature’s Baby Organic to use for my 7 month old baby and 3 year old toddler . I haven’t used organic products ever before and now having used it I wonder why I delayed it so much. I should have used these products from day one. Would you like to try some of their products? Well here is your chance to win a bumper hamper worth AED 500/- from My Organic Baby Shop with a whole lot of goodies for your baby. Keep reading to find out how to win that!

Why use organic products?

  • Infants and small children are exposed to greater concentrations of toxic chemicals than adults by virtue of their activities.
  • Your child’s skin soaks up products that are put on it. I am sure as a mother you do not want your child’s skin to soak up genetically modified organisms, parabens, petrochemicals etc whicha are going to do more harm than good for your baby’s skin.
  • Products that are not natural and organic can irritate your child’s skin and even cause dry skin or eczema. Times when you wonder , why is she /he getting that rash, this could be it
  • Bubble bath containing synthetic ingredients can cause frequent urination and a burning sensation during urination similar to a urinary tract infection. We all been through those times when we dont know why our little angel is crying , this could be one of the reasons
  • Natural and organic products are better on your child’s skin as they leave it without the dirt, but with all the natural oils and goodness intact which is the right way to clean the your baby’s soft skin

What I tried:


Organic Shampoo & Body Wash ­vanilla/tangerine: ( Price AED 52 ) 

This shampoo and body wash is made with the highest quality botanical, essential oils, and luxurious moisturizers to pamper your baby’s tender hair and skin without drying. My baby is 7 months old and I have been using this shampoo and body wash for her since the last 2 weeks. I have felt that my baby’s hair is softer after each use and smells divine making the baby feel so refreshed after her bath. I first tested the product just on her hands to ensure that she didn’t develop any allergies. Her skin was a little dry earlier and ever since I have used this product the dryness has become 80 percent less.  I normally rinse her hair and body with warm water and then apply to the body wash/shampoo on her skin and hair , lather for a second or two and rinse. The soap content comes off very easily making the baths so easy and quick. This gets my vote!

Organic Conditioner & Detangler­vanilla/tangerine: Price  AED  55 )

I have not tried this for my younger one , but I did try this for my 3 year old daughter . After shampoo I apply conditioner to hair evenly and rinse it out. It is very easy to rinse the conditioner out in one wash , and I realized that since I have used this product her hair has become much softer, silkier and shiny. She used to get her hair tangled very often and that has almost stopped due to this wonderful product. Honestly , I have used this as well and it made my hair really nice and soft. I think I am probably going to keep this for me.


Mimijumi baby bottle: ( Price AED  79) 

I couldnt have had this come to me at a better time. My younger once just turned 6 months and I started to give her water in this bottle. She latched on it from the first time and so well that she starts to cry when I take the bottle away to ensure she doesnt drink too much water at one time . I then started feeding her milk in this bottle and she really does finish the entire bottle in a matter of minutes which sometime is a struggle with the other feeding bottle I use. So for me this has been the best product out of the lost. My full marks go right here. This for sure is the best way to transition to bottle feeding.

The bottles are  produced with the highest quality standards to protect your baby and are BPA and latex free. They are very Easy to open and clean and are Skid-free base. It comes with a Nipple Protection Cap to ensure the dirt in the atmosphere doesn’t reach the nipple. The bottle is designed to prevents colic for all the colicky babies, luckily i dont have that issue with my younger one. I loved the fact that the bottle has a ultra wide neck and hence so easy to latch onto

Num Num feeding spoon ( Price AED 49) 

There are 2 of them in a pack , one for thinner first foods and the other for thicker first foods. This is the first step to self feeding . I didn’t let my baby feed herself ,but I used this to feed her with some cerelac and fruits and she took it quite well . Although she loves to chew on this and this has become her favorite toy.  This also helps to soothe soar gums , maybe this is why my little one always wants this with her

I am very impressed with the results of all the products I have used and would for sure continue to use these and more. For more information and to see the large variety of products they have at affordable prices please visit

Now on to the exciting part… the giveaway! So not only were kind enough to send me some goodies try, they would love for you to win some for yourself as well! One lucky winner will receive a goody bag worth AED 500 with a mix of some fantastic goodies for your baby and toddlers. The winners will be announced on the th of June. Multiple entries are allowed. Lucky winner will be announced on 5th June, 2016

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So what do you think of these products? Leave me a comment! Good Luck all my lovelies!



  • All the products are excellent in quality. Babies would definite have a good and relaxing feeling on the application.
    I am a user of organic body wash vanill for my baby since long . I would say its superb.

  • Hi I think I really like the organic Vanilla shampoo/ body wash ! It looks so soft and easy on my baby’s skin and hair .. And vanilla is my all time personal favourite!

  • Really hope to win this time..i have a 33months old boy and anothr bundle of joy arriving anyday from now as I am due this weekend 😉 Organic Shopping for these two will be exciting, speacially reading your reviews I feel to indulge..

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