Munchbox- A box full of Goodness!


Hello folks, I am back with a super healthy product review which you are going to fall in love with just as I did. Do you think healthy food tastes and looks boring?? Think again.. this is going to change once you see what the munch box looks and tastes like!

I recently received these yummy treats from and I cant begin to tell you how excited I was to taste , review and share this with everyone!

Hudson 85%


Do you feel the need to munch a snack typically after breakfast or lunch and at times like this more often than not you reach out to some not very healthy treats which are such a no no! Wouldn’t it be great if you had this amazing little box of wonder in your bag the next time you are hungry, it solves all the problems! Eat away guilt free:)



As a full time working mommy of two , I am always on the run with little to no time to sit down for a meal. I am a fan of the munchbox concept, its such a cool idea to have these tiny boxes which contain of power packed food which you can easily carry in your handbag,and munch away in between those meetings, client calls, travel or couching at home:) Last but not the least , these can be given to your kids and I am sure they would love to eat these tasty snacks as well!



How do you get one?
Visit and click on order your box,you can choose out of so many options made available to you by the very hardworking team at munch box who made sure there is something to suit each one’s taste bud while getting the maximum nutritional supply to you which are gluten free, has no added sugar and can be consumed in the most convenient way possible,  not to forget with the coolest snack names:)


What did I get?

Cowboy Crunch, Trick or Treat, Nutty Professor. Open Sesame, Candynut Glaze and Jolly Picnic. My favorite is the Jolly Picnic which has Pears, Cranberries and Walnut
So these were all the pros, its time to talk about the cons, the only one  I felt Muncbox has is you cant stop eating once you start! Savout it:)
Wait no more, please order your share! Amazing concept, super food, great nutritional value and the most convenient!!
To order : Visit / call 800 68624 for more information!
Price : One box for AED 59, if you just want to try it . You can subscribe to get these treats monthly , 3 monthly or 6 monthly
Munch away!!

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