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I had my second baby girl in October 2015, and as all you ladies would know, pregnancy leaves you pigmented and dull colored specially around the face and neck. When Maxon contacted me for a product review and checked what I would prefer, I straight away inquired about some skin whitening products to get rid of my pigmentation and dull skin. I am so glad I came across their effective skin whitening products and they sure have done wonders to my skin and made the pigmentation a little lighter

I have been using the Maxon soft white face wash, Maxon soft white cream and the Maxon soft white serum since 10-12 days and there is a visible difference in my skin tone. I would love for you to read my journey with these products if you are in the same boat as me and try them out. Presenting the Maxon Soft White luxury skincare. These products primarily work to lighten and brighten the skin tone. My skin has seen some pretty good transformation in my past couple of weeks. Check out my review on each of these products

Maxon Soft White Facial Wash:

I use this product twice a day. Once in the morning and second before I sleep. It is transparent and has a fresh scent to it. The odor of the product is very important to me. In fact, it smells like one of those yummy baby products.

Once you have squeezed some into your hand, it lathers up very easily and helps to massage your face and hit the right spots to eliminates daily grime, excess oil, and reveals a healthy, fresh-faced look. What I noticed was after washing my face with this my skin didn’t feel as dry and stretchy.

This non-irritating cleanser gives your skin a clearer, brighter and softer. Please do not substitute this as a makeup remover , this wont work to remove your make up effectively unless you have very light make up on. It is to be used on your skin to clear your skin of any dirt and grime and works wonderfully . Price: AED 65 for 150 ml (on

Maxon soft white serum:

I use this product once in the night since it has instructions to not face sunlight after application. The first thing I noticed is the consistency of this serum is very watery which makes it so light to use and easily gets absorbed into your skin. I used it on my face and neck.

It claims to use a powerful blend of fruit acids, aloe Vera and natural skin brighteners to promote skin renewal and enhanced radiance which ensure ultra-smooth and bright skin. I usually tan very easily, but I have noticed a change in the way my skin reacts when I am out in the sun now.

Also I realized that I wake up looking fresher every morning since I started using this serum. The oil-free, silky and rapid absorbent properties in this product make it suitable to be used under moisturizer, makeup and sunscreen. Price: AED 155 ( on (

Maxon soft white cream:

Just what I needed to take away the dullness of my skin.I use this twice a day, morning and evening. The consistency of the cream is thick and has a light tint to it which is probably what makes the skin light tone after a few usages.

My skin feels slightly tingy for less than a second when I apply this cream on my face, I assume this is due to the ingredients working to lighten the skin. It combines a selection of rich ingredients including Bearberry extract, Licorice root, Vitamin PP and Green tea which lightens the appearance of dark sports and balance the skin tone.

Although I have used it for only 2 weeks, there is a visible difference already in the way my skin looks and feels.Price – AED 175 for 50 ml (on (

My Opinion:
Although I have been using these products for only 2 weeks, I am quite impressed with the overall effectiveness of Maxon soft white skincare products. In a short span I can see some visible difference in my skin tone and skin texture. I absolutely loved using the range of products and recommend the three products to anyone with dry and pigmented skin as mine.

What could be better:  In my opinion the white cream lacked the nice scented odor present in a lot of other face creams.  I just like it better if the cream has a nice odor to it. This is something that is important to me, might not be to a lot of you.

I cant wait to get my hands on some more products from this excellent skin care range.

All these products and lots more are available in all leading pharmacies in UAE. You can get a lot more information by visiting The products can also be ordered online from ( 

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