Marhababy Special Edition Baby Box up for grabs!!!

Marhaba Ladies 🙂

As a mummy to a 6 month & a 3 year old, I always want to make sure that the I always give my best to my child, just like you. As a mommy you always want to shield your baby from anything that might not suit them.

With the range of product available today in the market, how does one decide what suits your baby and what doesn’t. I wish I could buy samples of a few things to try and make up my mind, don’t you?

Little did I know, this is indeed possible. Yes, it really is and I will tell you exactly what it is and how you can get your hands on it. There is also a special surprise for all you ladies, keep reading to know more.

Have you heard of the Marhababy box? If yes, pat on your back. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then this is the right time. I got my Marhababy Box today and boy I am so happy about it

Marhababy Boxes are free gift packs for mothers and mother to be. Yes, you heard me right! They are absolutely free and are delivered exclusively by right till your door step. There are 2 editions available:

First one is a Pregnancy Box, for when a mom is expecting her baby and the second one is a Baby Box, for a mom with a baby between 0 and 1 years old. These boxes are filled with goodies, samples, vouchers and information that is relevant to you, your baby and your growing family. So wait no more, let me tell you how you can get your hands on it.

It is really simple!

All you do is visit and click on ‘’Get FREE marhababy box “

Once the box has been ordered you will need to fill out some basic information and Souq,com will do the rest!

As soon as you have filled all the details, you will receive a confirmation email saying “Congratulations ________, Your order for a free Marhababy Box is being processed” That’s all.

When I received my Marhababy box, my 3-year-old squealed with excitement looking at it. I was as excited as her to see the goodies it had in there. No I am not going to tell you what is in it. Let that part remain a surprise or let me just give you a glimpse of it.

marha inside

Just as I was done looking through all my vouchers, information pack and the goodies, my neighbor who is fully blown pregnant expecting twins came over for a cuppa. She was so thrilled to see this goody box and asked if she could order one as well? My answer to her was – You cannot order “one”, because if you are expecting twins, you can get 2 Pregnancy Boxes, 2 Baby Boxes and 2 Toddler Boxes. Ah my neighbor was ecstatic!

Every mom living in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia is entitled to 2 Boxes per baby: 1 Pregnancy Box and1 Baby Box.

Isn’t this absolutely fabulous, and exactly what you were looking for? Try a few samples, and decide what suits you and your baby, get all the relevant information, avail discounts at participating outlets using the vouchers and more…The icing on the cake being all this comes to you at your doorstep and zero cost. It certainly can’t get better than this.

Now that’s not all!

Marhababy have ongoing promotions running on their website for some outstanding giveaways, you can visit their website to win these fantastic giveaways!


Now let’s get to that exciting surprise part:

Hello Mommies (HM) is very excited to announce its first collaboration with Marhababy where one lucky winner will receive a Special Edition Baby Box”, consisting of some very special goodies along with some additional surprises all in one big goody bag. The contest will run until the 5th of May and the winner will be announced on 6th May 2016.

What you need to do to enter this exciting competition:

  1. Follow Marhababy and hellomommiesdubai on Instagram and tag 3 friends in the giveaway post
  2. Like and Share this post on Facebook and Tag 3 friends in the comments section on Facebook
  3. Like the page and

Good Luck! Happy Winning! Order away! The boxes are ready for you

















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