Beat the summer with Detox Delight- Review

I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to review some amazing products and recommend it to all my readers. One such company which instantly blew me away is Detox Delight. I was amazed by their super service when the juices and the ice Popsicle were delivered in a huge ice box to make sure they remain cold, fresh just the way we would like it in this summer and the icing on the cake was a special personalized note which made me feel so nice! Such a warm gesture..

As I opened the box I was delighted a super mix of cleansing juices, soup, healthy snacks and the ice pops! They have a complete detox range of products. If you are not a juice person, get the snack for yourself. Check out their wide variety of juices,soups,snacks etc on


Big 5 of Detox Delight they swear by are: 


Choose from a wide variety of Flu Fighter Special, Wedding Detox,Ramadan Delight,Juice & Soup Delight and so many more.To ensure that you are optimally prepared, your order will also come with DETOX DELIGHT GUIDE, a 70-page e-book full of background information and insights which will be helpful.


Besides the cleansing juices I tried the Gluten-free Granola( AED 29 ) made from valuable organic ingredients  for my to go breakfast with some cold milk and it was so yummy! These are delivered in a glass jar and was so easy to put in my bag and have it while I was at work. I saved some and ate them as in between meals snack. The best part about these yummy and healthy snack is they do not put you on any guilt trip!!

Another snack I tried was the homemade raw spicy cracker  ( AED 29) , these replaced my habit of munching on crisps from time to time. Healthy , filling and tasty! There are plenty more flavors available like Apple Cinnamon Cracker, Coco Choco Crisps ,Pure Veggie Chips and more..



My Winner: 

Without a doubt in my head , my winner are these  Detox Delight Ice Pops. They are Healthy, vegan, handmade with love and all below 30 calories!! These are so perfect to be given to your kids who run away from veggies most of the time. They are free from artificial additives and preservatives. One Box contains a mix of 20 Ice Pops for AED 290/-

Available in three different flavors:


So this is how I am beating the heat this summer! You know what you need to do:)

Order all these healthy treats for yourself and your family or call on  Phone (0)4-338-3565 . For any queries write to them on

Detox away lovlies!

Until next time


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