Why I love Dubai….

Born in Nepal and raised in Mumbai , studied and worked in the UK but here I am telling you why I love Dubai , doesn’t that speak a volume in itself? Having lived in Dubai for 10 years now, I have come to call this city my home more than Mumbai where I spent 20 years of my life! I love this city because….

  1. Vibrant City: It embraced me like no other city did right from the time I set my footsteps here. The warm, home like feeling I got from the city was absolutely wonderful from the word ‘go’.
  2. People: The people living here are the real jewels of this city. Expats and the locals both, simply put they make you feel at home right away. I am an Indian and seeing so many people of my nationality , speaking in my language was such a welcome change from the time I spent in the UK.   I stay in a community which has people from all around the world, where else would you experience such an amazing mixture of cultures.
  3. Safety: I arrived here as a single girl, living on my own and not a single moment did I feel unsafe in this city. I could walk on the road at 4 am knowing that I will be just fine. For a woman , this is the most comforting feeling any place can provide.
  4. Culture: Dubai is full of culture. I noticed and experienced this first hand at a few gatherings of the local born families in the UAE. The love that they inhibit for each other,people that surround them is contagious. If you visit the old Dubai, you will see the olden charm , go on a abra ride or by the creek side and you will instantly feel the rich hidden essence of the city
  5. Best of both worlds: This city provides you with the best of both worlds hands down. You have the high tech , sky rising buildings, and you have the lovely warm villas, the urban shopping malls with the latest designs from around the world, and the spice market, dessert camping or the gold souq which lets you go back into the past.
  6. Dubai’s Ruler: His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is undoubtedly the best leader any city could have who only wants the best for the people living here. He is loved and respected by every single person living in Dubai. My respect for him grows each passing day.
  7. Tax Free Haven: Whats not to like about this right? You get every cent of what you make and work hard for in your bank account. Where else would you get this in the world?
  8. Luxury Lifestyle: The city makes it possible for a common man to drive the best of cars, live in the most stylish home, go to the best diners and have a great lifestyle.
  9. Weather: OK , the summer is not the best, but the winters are just great and kind of makes up for the summer with the wonderful events that take place around the city. Honestly, I am so used to the summer here that I dont feel the pinch anymore. Being in the pool in the summer is a treat not everyone can enjoy around the year!
  10. Proximity to home: Its a few hours away from home,which makes it so convenient,to travel back home or call your family for a holiday, specially when you have old parents like me who cant travel for hours on an airplane. My parents have visited me at least 5 times in the last one year, and I have traveled to India thrice in the last year, now think about it, would you be able to do that were you living in any other country?
  11. Medical facility: It is every resident’s right to have medical insurance from his/her company. The city has the best medical facilities and some of the finest doctors. From my personal experience, when I was bed ridden while I was pregnant with my first baby and told that I wouldn’t be able to walk for a year to being able to run in 3 months only due to some expert doctors here in the city.

Apart from these reasons, the most special and loved point is that we had our 2 wonderful babies here . Now no feeling can come close to that can it:)


Leaving you with some fantastic pics taken by Rohit Verma ( take_meanywhere on instagram). Do give him a follow if you love the virtual beauty. Thank you Rohit for allowing me to publish your valuable pictures on my blog.



Hope you liked reading the post…xx


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