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Its winter for me in Dubai , well 20 degrees is winter here and i love everything about winter other than how dry it makes my skin. Does the same happen to you? My skin becomes dry, irritated, dull and i really have to take good care of it . I got these skin care products from Himalaya and have been using them for a month now and wanted to let you know that these products work so well on my skin and the prices are unbelievable affordable .  I ordered these from www.souq.com and they were delivered right to my door step in 2 days. As you might know by now I am a lover of herbal products and Himalaya is one such herbal brand filled Ayurveda secrets. Read more about it on www.himalayaherbals.com. I have been using products from Himalaya long before I became a blogger /reviewer and I haven’t stopped since I started. I am a fan of Himalaya Herbals products because till date, they have never harmed my skin in any way

Let me quickly take you through the products I am reviewing today

Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub- AED 31 on www.souq.com

Key Ingredients: Walnut Shell Granules, Apple, Wheatgerm Oil

Pack Size: 150 ml


I have used this scrub a few times earlier as well and it removed the dead skin without irritating the skin . I normally put the scrub on my face and neck and leave it for 5-7 mins and then gently scrub my face and neck  , as I do that I can feel the impurities from the skin coming off without any redness in the skin. I use this scrub twice a week.


I love that this scrub is not too rough on the skin and leaves the skin fresh post using. I must admit that the texture is thick, heavy and a little greasy when you apply it to the skin but its all gone after a good rinse. Skin feels refreshed and radiant almost instantly. A Tip-  Do not skip a moisturizer post using this because it does have a little drying property to it.


Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Mask AED 31 on www.souq.com

Key Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Fig, Mineral Clay, Papaya

Pack Size: 150 ml

Cant you tell by looking at the ingredients what an amazing product this is ? I am all for natural, plant based skin care products and we all know how beneficial are these to our health and skin. This is my favorite face mask as it does the job so wonderfully. It calms the skin, the fragrance is amazing , you can feel the skin tighten once you let it dry for 10-1 minutes . It clears clogged pores, removes any impurities/oil/dirt from the skin.


The main job of a mask is to firm the skin and helps restore its natural elasticity and as i said earlier you can feel the skin tightening as it stays on. Once you wash it off with water , skin feels soft and tender that second itself. I use this mask once a week . This is suitable for all skin types . It is affordable hence no holes in the pocket and is a good pack size so will last you for a long time.




It has a creamy texture so all you need to do is wet your face and apply the pack directly on your skin. Wait for 15- 20 minutes and wash it off. Please do apply a moisturizer post rinsing your face.

Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream 15 ml for AED 27.50  www.souq.com


I am lucky when it comes to dark circles,i dont get them too often. Once in a while after a few late nights maybe but not otherwise. I however got this under eye cream as it helps to get rid of the tired eyes look in the morning as well. With 2 kids , life can get tough and tiring so I wanted to make sure i dont look like a hag when i get to work. As you can see below , it has a nozzle which makes it very easy to make the dots under the eyes with the right quantity.


This under eye cream does the job so wonderfully. I apply it directly with the nozzle under the eyes making dots and spread it out and sleep with it. In the morning , my eyes are less puffy, less tired . This cream is supposed to prevent the eyes from getting dark circles so it solves my purpose. I like this, will definitely restock. It also claims to helps prevent new wrinkle and wrinkle formation



So which is your favorite affordable winter cream?

If you would like to order the above and more products from www.himalayaherbals.com you can order them via www.souq.com and get them delivered to your door step.

Thanks for being here and see you on the next post!:)





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