Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Review

Hello my lovlies

I am so excited to review this amazing product I got in my hands. Who doesn’t know Elizabeth Arden right? My mom has been using this brand for years so we know when a brand has been around for so long it has to be excellent . I was one of the lucky bloggers  to be invited to the launch of Elizabeth Arden’s  latest anti-pollution product called “Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield.”  and I cant wait to tell you guys all about it.


Firstly , this cream isn’t just an anti pollution cream or to protect you from the sun, it is pretty much a all day, everyday cream which can be worn at all times, inside the house and outside the house. I must say that the claims that is product advertises are very impressive-to screen out skin-dulling pollutants and 98% of UVB rays and lots more.

Let me ask you this- did you know that air pollution is directly related to  dark spots, wrinkles, ageing of the skin, and so much more. There are only a few creams which claim to get rid of this issue from the core! It protects,prevents and strengthens the skin

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Features

  • Protects against pollution with Anti-Pollution Shield Technology
  • Uses a patent-pending highly potent Anti-Pollution Complex featuring Idebenone
  • Defends against UVA and UVB rays with a 100% Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen
  • Strengthens skin’s natural defenses with a DNA Enzyme Complex

Texture: The cream is very light on the skin and literally melts into the skin easily. It spreads very well on the skin making the skin glow instantly. I use the cream once a day as the last step of my skin care regime. At times I have also used it before I put my make up on and honestly there are times when i dont use any foundation or concealer, its just my prevage as a base and my make up over it . The skin almost absorbs it in a span of seconds leaving the skin glowy.


Usage: The cream is dispensed through a pump which allows good control which is so important as the consistency is quite thin and runny, and the cream will last you long since you only need a few drops! What hooked me the most about this cream is that this shield actually catches the pollution particles and stops them penetrating into the pores. So once you wash off the face , you are washing off the pollution too. Isn’t that amazing?



My Take: Prevage City Smart  has taken an important place in my existing skincare routine as it’s such a simple step considering how beneficial it is for the skin. It really is an amazing innovative cream with  wonderful benefits that we all should take advantage of considering we all live in cities in the midst of pollution. A must have ladies!

Along with the cream I also got a compact mirror which is also works as a charge with a multi wire and a USB! Truly city smart! I love it when cosmetics blend in with technology!



Thats all from me for now , I will be back soon:)

Which is your favorite daily cream?Would love to know your thoughts!



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