Drink your Veggies and Fruits from Hana’s Kitchen


If it tasted any fresher, it would still be on the trees- this is what went through my mind as I sipped on the organic cold pressed juice I received from Hana’s Kitchen! My weekend started with this blissful treat which is healthy and so tasty at the same time. My entire house was fighting for their share of juice, it wasn’t enough:)

Let me tell you a little bit more about why you should consume these organic cold pressed juices from Hana’s kitchen. Hana’s Kitchen offers nutrient dense, cold pressed organic fresh juices that can be used for juice cleansing, or simply for rejuvenating (boosting) your digestive and immune system. Before today I had no idea that normal juicing machines destroy the most valuable nutrients in the food, hence it is important that we have the cold pressed juices!

Did you know that , Vegetable based juices are the best source of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes.

I was so excited to try out all the different mixes I received. Yes there is so much choice for you to tailor your order according to your taste buds. I received the Root Power, Immune Booster, Skinnie Minnie and Veggie-liscious. All of these juices have different combinations of fruits and veggies , and they are super healthy and treat for your body.

Added benefits of these juices are that they have no added salt, no added sugar, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. In the world that we live in today where everything has added flavors and preservatives , these juices are such a welcome treat! All their foods are , Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and Vegan


It is very easy to make sure these juices become a part of your lifestyle , you cab subscribe for their service which allows you to place recurring orders on a weekly or monthly basis. You can order different juice boxes , for eg. ”Signature Box” – This box is based on a mix of their signature fruit and vegetable juices and consists of 

  • Hello Hydration – 330ml
  • Vital Green – 330ml
  • Cooling Green – 330ml
  • Root Power – 330ml
  • Immune Booster – 330ml
  • Veggie-liscious – 330ml

To make your life is easier, the juice boxes are delivered to your doorstop for optimum nutrition & freshness

Besides the organic cold pressed juices, Hana’s kitchen also has some yummy super foods blends and they have 5 different types of organic super food blends. These can be added to your fresh juice, smoothies ,water, muesli . There are a lot of ways to use these super foods in your food and you can find out how, by ordering your free recipe e- book from their website.

blend 1

So please do not wait any longer to detox and get healthier, order your monthly subscription of these delicious immune boosting juices by visiting www.hanas-kitchen.com right away!

If you have any query you can mail them on info@hanas-kitchen.com or call them on +971 56 11 000 11

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Cleansing!!





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