Dove- The ”Blissful” Home Salon Experience


I recently won a dove challenge to host a dove home salon spa experience for me and my girlfriends. Here I share with all you folks the details of the most amazing experience with my friends all thanks to Dove and how you can get the glowing and smooth skin yourself in the comfort of your own home yourself!

Being a mommy to a toddler and an infant , I do not have much time and energy to step out for the much needed spa treatment and I was so happy to learn that Dove will host this in the comfort of my own home!

I was so looking forward to this  much needed ”me time” , and it turned out to be one of the best afternoon. Sipping on some green tea my friends and I were waiting for the therapist from Dove to arrive .

I was surprised to see all the things she was carrying to make us feel like we are in a salon in the comfort of our own home including the spa bed, the perfect spa music and the amazing kit from dove including the bathrobe, towels,carpet slippers, head band and napkins!



The session started with the facial , with my face being cleaned with hot towel , followed by some steam and then the mystery product comes into action with which the facial is done. The therapist took my picture before the facial. My face muscles felt so relaxed and alive. Pressing the right pressure points the facial took away all my stress and I felt so fresh and beautiful at the end of it.

I was taken aback when I asked the therapist what product was being used and she mentioned it was ”only the white dove and water”. I didn’t believe that just Dove soap and water could lather up so well and get absorbed in my skin leaving my skin so soft and moisturized,


The back massage was equally good, first she washed the entire back area with soap and water and stressed on those much needed areas to relive me of all the knots that had developed on my sholders and back due to the sleep less nights with my 7 month old. You can tell how I felt by looking at the picture below

Ladies, so the mystery product is the white dove soap which brings your skin back to life , so please head to the super market right now and get yourself your own home salon treatment with the white dove! It is beyond fantastic:) I know I am headed that way!

Thank you Dove for this beautiful and most relaxing afternoon.

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