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I am fascinated with animals, so much so that when I was 12 years old , I remember writing a letter to Discovery Channel asking for a job, I always wanted to work with animals, well never got to doing that. Least I could do is introduce our 3 year old to this magic world of this amazing creatures. So we made a plan to visit the Emirates Zoo Park in Abu Dhabi.

We reached the place in about an hour from Motorcity and the drive is very pleasant. There is plenty of parking available outside the zoo premise . Little Z was so excited looking at the walls of the zoo which have different kind of animal statues placed along .

Launched in 2008 as the first private zoo in the UAE, it is now home to a colorful menagerie of wildlife and an ever growing menu of features, attractions and interactive activities.

We bought the tickets and started our day!

As we entered we passed some small bird cages but couldn’t  see anything inside it, perhaps the birds were being replaced. The first animals we saw were monkeys! They are Z’s favorite and mine too! I always wish I could keep these as pets. Most of them were asleep, couple were active and jumped around.





The place is very safe, secure, clean and green. We loved it. Children can roam around free and you don’t have to worry about them


We bought some ice creams from the little shop to beat the heat and moved to the Giraff sancury! There were about 5-6 giraffs and a few other animals there as well. These species never cease to amaze me , they stand so tall yet so laid back and seem to be very chilled out. There were zebras in the same area and it was great to see these two very different animals get on.







As we got out of the giraffe viewing place , we saw this guy with a huge snake around his hand, We all got a bit freaked out, I have never seen a snake this close . The man offered for us to touch the snake but we chose to let the opportunity go, for some reason I have always dreaded this species.



We walked to the section where they have all the snakes, and I must say I have never seen so many snakes in my life under one roof.


One thing that struck me about this place was that unlike many other zoo’s, this place was free of foul smell. The cages were clean with ample amount of place for the animals to move around , sleep and just be comfortable in that surrounding.


We moved on to the wild life section which had the tigers, lions , elephants, panthers etc and first spotted a tiger. Oh this animal is so majestic and has something royal about it, the way it moved from one place to another was a great sight for the animal lovers. The place was massive with huge bark trees all over, water etc to make it seem all natural.





There were cheetas in the next part but they were all so lazy , probably just ate their lunch and were in no mood to entertain the audience. We couldn’t spot the elephants either as they were busy with their afternoon siesta!

We were quite tired by then and decided to call it a day after seeing a couple of other areas which had birds , peacocks etc



In pockets there are these nice little restaurants serving ice creams and cofee/tea /soda etc to get you going and the zoo has one main restaurant serving a mix cuisine. We ordered for some Arabic food and it tasted really nice

Overall , a great day spent with family, Z had a good time seeing all the different animals. We wished we could have seen some more had they not been hiding or sleeping

Tips for the visit:

  1. Please dont wear high heels, wear something nice and comfy as there is quite a bit to cover
  2. Carry hats, sunglasses, water, jucies, pram for kids if younger than 2
  3. Apply sunscreen for yourself and the kids. I applied Bioderma for my daughter
  4. I always use the no 7 day cream which has spf 15 so i know i am protect
  5. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to enjoy the day
  6. You can feed camels, giraffe, goats and zebra by buying the bunch of grass for AED 5 from the counter inside the zo
  7. Emirates park zoo abu dhabi is also a resort – offering rooms for those who would like to spend the night amidst birds cooing, monkey-lovin and goats chattering away
  8. There is supposed to be a sea lion show which is the highlight of this place but this wasn’t happening at the time we went to the zoo.


no 7


Basic Information on the Zoo

With over 1700 animals, including a majestic pair of white tigers, a 31-year-old, 300kg-plus Siberian bear, lions, cheetahs and dozens of zebras housed in the zoo’s ‘Predators’ and ‘Wild Animals’ enclosures, the Emirates Park Zoo in Al Bahia, a north-east suburb of the UAE capital features a park-wide ‘misting system’ which keeps animals and patrons cool in the summer months.

Connected to the zoo, the Emirates Park Resort features air-conditioned accommodation with balconies overlooking the zoo, cave or garden.

Opening times:

Sunday – Wednesday: 9am to 8pm
Thursday – Saturday: 9am to 9pm

Where: Al Bahia, north-east of Abu Dhabi city, 35km away from the capital on the way to Dubai
+971 2 5633100

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