Colour me Crazy!!- My Every Day Make Up!!

This is my first beauty blog and I hope all you ladies reading this somewhere relate to what I have written.

“I wake up for make up”, have you heard this quote? No , it is not what you are thinking , this is not me , but i do believe that it is very important for every woman to have a few favorite make up products tucked away in her kit . There are a few things that never leave my little make up kit from my bag. It is with me all the time and I feel good  knowing that I have my little treasure bag the minute I need it.

Beauty Blended

Today I open my little make up treasure kitty with all of you:

Let’s start from left to right:

  • My Rose of Bulgaria: Let’s start with the size, it is so small and handy that it fits right into my kit without any hassle. It has a very lovely fragrance, not too sweet, just the right balance. The texture of this moisturizer is so creamy and soft and feels so good to apply on the face. I have extremely dry skin, the moment this is on my face I am relieved of the tightness of the face as it absorbs very easily . The best part, it is paraben free

My Rose of Bulgaria

  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: – BB creams are a perfect answer to all the skin problems. They work perfectly from being a blemish perfector to makeup foundation or sunscreen . With summer approaching soon this is the perfect concealer to use as it doesn’t leave my skin oily or patchy. I have been using bb cream for the last 3 years and this has been the best invention my the makeup gurus for sure. This has SPF 30 so I am taken care of when I step out in the sun.

  • Dior Blush and Eye Shadow Pallete:- This is my favorite treasure. It comes with 8 eye shadow shades and  4 shades for blush just perfect for my skin color. The pink blush shade is something I use almost every day at work , it leaves my skin looking so fresh and not over done at all. It is very fine milled and looks natural on the skin.I don’t use the eye shadows all that much but it is available in there for someone who would like to apply it

dior half oen




  • The Body Shop Blusher Brush: This brush has been with me for more than a year now. Very easy to grip in one hand and use it on my cheeks, The bristles are very soft and haven’t caused any breakouts or allergies since I have been using it. It helps highlighting my cheek bones with the blush shade


  • Eye Liner/Kohl- Georgio Armani– I got this eye liner/kohl as a part of a goody bag and I have to admit this is one of the best eye liner I have used. It is like a pen and the nib is just the perfect size. I don’t have to redo my liner or kohl/kajal all day once I have done this once. It stays for a good 7-8 hours without smudging. The one I use is jet black, Solves two purpose at the same time which is great

  • YSL-Concealer– I use a very little amount to dab under my eyes on days that I haven’t got much sleep. This is an excellent concealer, the texture is very smooth and spreads very evenly under the eyes and hides away all the tiredness and puffiness and makes me look and feel fresh.

  • My little bottle Roberto Cavalli perfume – A little dab under the ears and my neck and I smell like a fresh flower ready to take on the world.

  • Lancome Mascara– I have really tiny eye lashes and I would recommend this mascara to anyone who is in the same boat as me. This accentuates my lashes and makes them look long and thick yet very natural. Most importantly it is very easy to take off, I have used some mascaras in the past which have been a struggle to get rid of, this one is easy peasy.

  • Finally my Christian Dior Lipstick – Last but not the least, my Dior lipstick, the one I am using is no 357 this is a lovely shade of pink , not very light and not very dark. It is a perfect morning color. The quality of this lipstick is beyond words, very soft on the lips, doesn’t leave flakes on the lips at all, not does it dry out after some time. I keep doing a touch up here and there during the daytime, after lunch or after a coffee but it is extremely long lasting.



So this is my world of every day makeup I wear to work or for a brunch. Takes very little time to apply all of this, I normally get done in 10 minutes.

Hope you have liked what you have read. Do leave a comment below!







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