Carnival By Tresind

I was one of the few lucky people to be invited for a review of the newly opened Carnival By Tresind. This restaurant is located in the hub of DIFC  and is  creative Indian restaurant from the team behind my favorite restaurant in Dubai called Tresind.

Carnival offers a very different take on the food and presentation than its big brother Tresind.  It is a celebration of Indian food, where Indian food comes of age to shed its erstwhile glamorous modern avatar and take leaps ahead to enter the post modern era.

Welcome to Carnival By Tresind!!


We were greeted by the very friendly staff and were shown our table which was decked with helium balloons.  As I walked in , I actually felt like I was walking into a carnival in the middle of a Friday afternoon . I loved the ambiance, the lovely decor , the colors chosen , the bar, and so much more. I was particularly amazed by the Gilded trees with tiny kites caught in them around the seating area , which has been intentionally kept dark so one can dive into the culinary genius of Chef Himanshu Saini and his team. While we were still admiring the beauty of the restaurant, one of the staff members  welcomed us the Carnival way  which is  via a colorful bubble shower. I have never seen welcome like this in any other restaurant before and it immediately put me and my husband in a great mood and we knew we are in for a great fun afternoon.



Our food at Carnival By Tresind

So having been to tresind, we knew we were in for gastronomic fiesta afternoon and I have to say that it totally lived by our expectation. In the post-modern Indian experience of Carnival by Tresind, every dish has been derived from a blend of the revival of ancient Indian cooking methods and the memories of the team members attached with every ingredient. We met with Chef Himanshu Saini (Dubai’s most innovative home-grown chef,) during our lunch at he told us tales of how they have come up with such creative names and dishes , some inspired by stories they have heard from their staff . So here began our molecular gastronomy experience 

                                            Makhan Phal ( Cocao butter hive, avocado and lime cream
                                             Happy Halloween ( Pumpkin and cheddar dabeli)
                                                                            Dal Phulka ( Lentil Cappuccino)

While we were enjoying our food, the staff asked me which drink i would prefer and I asked him to recommend something! He smiled and asked me to leave the choice to him and got me this bartender special drink in the most fancy way in a quirky light bulb glass! It was mock tail infused with orange, pineapple, thyme and some secret ingredients . The drink was so refreshing and had a wonderful taste which left me asking for a repeat:)


AM 100%


and we continued our journey towards the destination food coma …………….

                                                      Pullinji- Ginger Prawns and curry leaf crisp
Mutton dressed as lamb
                             Dont be shellfish ( Spider Crab leg )
Vada Pav Service
                                                    Vada Pav Service
                               Nandu Curry ( Soft shell crab served with steamed appam)

                                                                      Airline Chicken ( Tandoori chicken, curry and bread) 

My favorites :  My top three from I enjoyed a few dishes a lot more than the others , no dont get me wrong , they all were delectable but the ones what stood out for me were Dal Phulka, Nandu Curry,Dont be shellfish ( Spider Crab leg )! and if you are thinking why arent there any desserts on my table, well that is due to lack of any more space on our tummies:)

Recommend: I loved the fact that the whole idea behind Carnival by Tresind is to introduce the world to Indian food beyond the modern era. We had a rollicking roller coaster ride as far as our taste buds are concerned. By the end of the 1 course meal , we were definitely in food coma ( as seen in the pic below) and wanted to be there forever.  I am  already thinking about a return journey. This is a must visit place for foodies and people who enjoy the different tastes in the most creative fashion brought to your table! So if you are one of these you must call and book a table now! A special mention to the staff, who knew exactly what was being served, and explained us why each dish was named in a certain way and paid attention to every detail and made our afternoon seem like  a wonderful journey to a carnival in the midst of a concrete jungle!


(-) The only downside I felt was the time spent waiting for the dishes to arrive once what you have on your table is over. Since we were on the 16 course menu , it took us more than 3 hours to complete the entire course which could have been done sooner had the time between each dish wasn’t as long as it was .

A sneak peak at the menu is below:

Do leave me a comment if you have been there or liked what you read:)

More information on Carnival by Tresind as below


Venue :Carnival by Tresind

Cuisine: Indian

Location: Unit P5-03/01, Level POD, Burj Daman, Dubai International Financial Centre


Contact Number : +971522424262 / + 97144218665, Table booking recommended or reserve via email – 

Price: The 15-course menu is Dhs350 per person for vegetarian or Dhs375 per person for meat. An eight-course chef’s tasting menu is Dhs 275 for meat and vegetarians











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