A walk…..

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As I entered, it looked all grey…

There is hardly any space, some things stuffed to the side, some thrown around. As I try looking further there are things which lay untouched. There isn’t much to explore as the space hasn’t been managed, it seems like it has been this way for a while. Yet I tread along ah! I do happen to notice some familiar stuff around too. As my walk gets slower my discoveries get awkward. It brought back flashes of the past, taming me further. My steps grow hesitant as I pray for no more surprises… but that isn’t always the case… there is always an untold story and an underlying feeling. I walk over some things along the way, some  broken, some torn, some new, some old and some unidentified.

It took me a while and then I wondered whatever happened to the space that once existed? Who has created this mess? When will it see the light of day? All these years, things have been piling up and clearing the space felt like an uphill task. Why did it reach this stage? Is there a way out? This walk is a tiring and difficult one. I began to question my decision to take the walk, wishing I hadn’t. Well, I still tried looking into the stack that lay ignored at the corner. It looked familiar, however not so.

Another look and my eyes swelled with tears. I saw a box filled with memories of once that seemed the best time and phase of my life. My childhood. I could hear my friends call me out, the laughter, the tussles, the secrets we kept, the promises we made, the love hate of it all.  But why was this box kept hidden. Or did I just choose to hide it. I move on… I bend down closer to look at what I walked over. They seemed like broken pieces of my heart, once betrayed, once fooled, once stabbed. I notice torn pieces of paper, the letters that once proclaimed and declared my love, my wild side and the ones that gave me a voice. But why is it still lying around…? Why haven’t I cleared it? What was I waiting for? What’s the reason for the clutter?

I walk closer to the other side and  see creepers growing around, deep rooted into the walls. How did they get in there? Are these what caused the cracks on the walls? The creepers had weakened what once used to be the center of my world. Why didn’t I notice it earlier?  The place had turned upside down. It required urgent attention. Too many things with no room. I sat there feeling like a visitor in my own home. Strange!

This walk was the most difficult as it involved only me. Who else could I blame for the mess I have created? I wish hadn’t see it. Though that wouldn’t help the cause and would only seem like an ostrich approach. The room looked back at me asking for answers, which had to be answered long ago. The once clean space which shone with the morning light and dimmed only by night, was now a space waiting to fall! Yes it was time. Time to take stock of the situation. Time to clear the cobwebs, to do away the unwanted pile. To pull down the creepers and let some light in.  I need help and this help starts and ends with me.

As I walk out I feel light…I plan to take the walk again, this time with a broom of hope, a torchlight of faith and a key to the future. I urge you to take your walk too. Cause once in a while it is always worthwhile to take…

A walk…
A walk into my head!

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