3 in 1 Breakfast Combination (Kettle, Toaster, Coffee Maker) by Elekta

If someone had told me that someday that we would need to purchase just one appliance which would make me some yummy brewed coffee, toast my bread and boil my water in the kettle all at once,I would have said , dont kid with me! I certainly cant say that anymore since I see it on my kitchen counter every morning now! Don’t believe me ? Take a look – www.elektadirect.com/detail/5963776-3-in-1-Breakfast-Combination-(Kettle,-Toaster,-Coffee-Maker) Now that you know I am not joking and this is a real deal, let me give you a quick tour of this wonder machine which is my favorite thing in the house right now !

What is it?  3 in 1 Breakfast Combination wonder machine!!  Enjoy Tea, Coffee and Toast for everyone’s morning breakfast. Gone are the days to use 3 different home appliances to make a quick brekky specially when you are running late for work. Here its all done at one time with one switch:)


Features: This amazing kitchen appliance comes in white color and is based on immersion heating technique, which is further accompanied with various interesting features like auto shut off. It also hosts sturdy permanent filter for coffee and defrost, reheat and cancel settings features for toaster.  I have been using the product for about 2 weeks and can confidently say that this breakfast combination is manufactured from good quality materials which makes it tough and durable meaning it will last for a long time:)

Bullet Points : Some bullet features to take note of on why I love this breakfast combination

  • Capacity of the kettle is 1.7 liter, I always need hot water in the house to prepare my baby’s milk, have my lemon honey water in the morning and night so this capacity works great for me


  • Capacity of 1.25 litre for the coffee kettle- I am a coffee addict and nothing works better for me than this! In the morning after having my first cup of coffee while reading the news paper, I am at peace knowing I have another cup of coffee ready , piping hot when I am ready for my second cup.


  • It is so compact in size that it fits one corner on my kitchen counter really well, plus it looks very stylish making my kitchen look beautiful


  • Due to the compact size, it is very portable as well. I am actaully thinking of ordering one for my office space as well.

More features as per the www.elektadirect.com/detail/5963776-3-in-1-Breakfast-Combination-(Kettle,-Toaster,-Coffee-Maker

  • 2 Slice Toaster
  • Concealed heating element
  • Automatically turn off when water is boiled
  • Power: 2500-3000 Watts
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts
  • Color: Cream
  • Material: Plastic

I have uploaded some pictures with some useful captions , I hope they are helpful

Pour water here to make coffee
 Pour water here to make coffee
      Put some coffee powder in this filter
Coffee is ready!
Place the toast here and pull the liver down(set the heat level as required, I keep it at 7, you can cancel the toasting by pressing the cancel button

Recommend: Yes and very highly! It has made my life very simple, I brew my coffee, get my toast ready and heat some water for my husband’s lemon tea all at once and it works so perfectly. I love it:)

Price:  I was totally shocked when I learnt the price for my wonder machine! When you order it from  www.elektadirect.com/detail/5963776-3-in-1-Breakfast-Combination-(Kettle,-Toaster,-Coffee-Maker) it will cost only AED 140! Now that is a total steal. If you go to buy a toaster , kettle and a coffee maker separately, it will definitely cost you a minimum of AED  400 -500 !

Where to order from? You can order it from www.elektadirect.com/detail/5963776-3-in-1-Breakfast-Combination-(Kettle,-Toaster,-Coffee-Maker). Number to call on for any assistance +971 4 8138343

I hope you liked what you read, do leave me your feedback! Thanks much

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