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Do you have a sibling? If yes you know exactly what I am going to pen down, if not go blame your parents (pun intended)… 🙂

We are two sisters and although we are completely different personalities, living in different cities, oh! make that countries and don’t get to meet as often as we would like to, the love is never lost. There are not too many things that we have in common, ummmm let me think, actually none, but the bond that we share is like no other!

So when we had our first baby, Little Miss Z ,  J ( the man of the house) and I would pounce on anyone who asked us about the second one’s arrival…. ? Yes ,we would eat them alive if permitted..

The aunts and uncles come up with the strangest statements, ‘oh you won’t realize when the two grow up together’ or ‘how can you not have another child’, and the classic, ‘one child is a piece of cake’, well my dear aunts and uncles, you were not helping out when my baby peed all over me just as I was ready to go on our first date night post pregnancy, or when she threw a tantrum at the super market for not buying ,- well ‘the entire row of chocolates’ so one child is not a piece of anything leave alone that yummy cake.

Fast forward two years, boom, I have a bun in my oven once again …J and I literally did it all except kill each other, playing the blame game, if you know what I mean..:)

Little Miss M came into our lives on 9th October, 2015 and I kid you not, this was most definitely the second best thing that happened to us. Little Z has changed roles from being a baby to a second mommy, although a lot of times as per her convenience .She is like a chameleon, changes from a being a baby to a little mommy in a span of five seconds.

Boy, when I see them together now, I take back all the nasty words I used for them aunts and uncles (yes in my mind), there could have never been a better gift for Z than a sibling.

So if you are still trying to make up your mind, stop!!  Just do it 🙂 (pun intended)

Sibling love, like no other!!


P.S- Thank you ‘Ma’ for giving me the perfect gift!

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  • Nailed it sis …. Two people far apart yet closer than one can be … Nothing compares to our bond and nothing shakes our bond ….. I remember begging our mom for a lil sister and finally got one and similarly my son prayed for one and there I had one after 8 yrs and yet again nothing compares to the beautiful bond they share ….. My l’il one she follows him like his lil tail all around and giggles for him and they light up our lil home and life …. Muahhh to u my sis

  • So wonderfully written!
    My eldest automatically takes the full responsibility to her younger siblings when I am not around ( even when around too) but when they have arguments, it’s like world war 3! They fight crazy but ends up loving each other again like nothing happened 😀

  • Wonderfully written!
    This is so true with my children too. My eldest acts like a second parent always.
    They also fight like crazy and love each other the craziest 😀

  • Very well written and so so true. Nailed each word! Like you said, my sister and me are so different, but cannot live without sharing anything and everything with each other. I see the same in my kids too. Siblings are the second best thing in our lives!

  • Aww….. so very well put…. becoming a fan of your blog and waiting for the next one already ?

    It’s very very true that siblings are your best friends for life. Me and my sister may argue on silly things, may fight but can’t live without each other. She is my comfort ❤

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